You may enjoy a variety of streaming services through Xfinity Flex, and you can also use a variety of applications to do so. On the Xfinity Flex application, YouTube is the most popular application. After some time, you notice that YouTube TV is no longer operating due to an Xfinity flex issue.  After some time suddenly you see that youtube tv not working on the Xfinity flex problem.

You’re at a loss as to how to proceed. We’ve compiled a list of such reasons and solutions to assist you along the path.

If YouTube TV is not working on Xfinity Flex then you may need to restart your device, close and reopen the YouTube TV application, and check device updates, Internet, and location permissions.

Why Is Xfinity Youtube Not Working?

Now we will tell you that there are many reasons why the YouTube TV application may stop working on your Xfinity flex.

  • Xfinity Flex allows you to connect too many devices, preventing you from using multiple services.
  • As a result, YouTube TV does not operate with the Xfinity app; however, you can upgrade your current system plan to accommodate this.
  • Even if there is a router error, there will be other issues, and your YouTube TV will not work.
  • You’ll need to update your devices on the YouTube TV app from time to time. If it isn’t, you’re still dealing with an issue.
  • Cache memory builds up in your device over time, causing temporary files to break. How do we have to clear the data on a regular basis?

How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working On Xfinity Flex

Now let us lead you to some solutions, with the help of which YouTube TV on Xfinity flex works very well in minutes.

YouTube TV Not Working On Xfinity Flex

Check Eligibility

Whenever you want to use YouTube application on Xfinity Flex, you need to keep some important things in mind, only after which this problem can be solved.

  • First thing if you want to run youtube TV well then use xfinity internet service only.
  • You will also need to check whether the Xfinity flex application is compatible with your YouTube application. For this, you can use the given specification.

Active Youtube on Flex

If you do not activate YouTube TV for Xfinity flex, you will continue to see this problem.

To solve this, you must first complete its activation process.

Let us know how we follow the activation process to solve the problem on xfinity flex:

  • You must first open the YouTube TV channel.
  • Then, on Xfinity flex, go to Sign in YouTube TV and fill out the relevant information.
  • You’ll see an 8-digit code here, which you should write down.
  • With the help of your browser, go to
  • Here’s where you’ll put the code you wrote down.
  • Your activation is complete once you’ve entered.
  • With the Xfinity Flex, you can now watch YouTube TV.

Restart device

Somewhere this problem becomes serious when we do not pay much attention. In this case, you can restart your device to fix YouTube TV not working issue on Xfinity Flex.

After a restart, your device responds properly once the network is connected.

For this you have to follow the following:

  • Hold down the power button to turn off your device.
  • Wait 30 seconds, and then restart your device.

Close & reopen the YouTube TV app

To get over this issue, we’ll show you another option, after which YouTube TV will start working properly on Xfinity flex.

This is a simple method, where you have to close your YouTube TV application and after some time you have to open it again after entering your information and accessing it.

  • Do a YouTube search on Xfinity Flex.
  • Open the tube application and take it straight out.
  • You can reopen this application 10 seconds after exiting.
  • After opening enter your required information.
  • After entering you see that it starts working smoothly.

Check for an app or device updates

Update your YouTube TV app from time to time to keep it running smoothly. If this application is not updated it will not operate smoothly even with the Xfinity flex.

So, the easiest way to fix xfinity flex youtube TV error is to update your application.

You’ll need to update both the YouTube TV app and the Xfinity flex because occasionally YouTube TV gets updated but the flex doesn’t, and they can’t communicate with one other.

  • To update your Xfinity Flex, go to its Settings. Inside the settings, you get the option of Update Now. By clicking on it, you can check and install the latest updates.
  • To update the YouTube TV application, you need to go to the device’s settings. Here you have to select YouTube TV and now click on the about option. Any update that is available after this can be installed from here.

Check your internet connection

You cannot use YouTube TV without an internet connection. If you are also getting slow speed then you may have to face a lot of trouble in using YouTube TV app. In such a situation, you will easily find the problem of youtube TV not working on xfinity flex.

All you have to do now is double-check your internet connection, as YouTube TV requires a maximum frequency of 3 Mbps to connect.

If you are experiencing any internet-related issues, you can contact the Xfinity staff for assistance. If your internet connection is slow, you can upgrade your current plan to receive a faster connection.

Check on your location permissions

You may not know that you have to verify your location permissions to access the YouTube TV application. If it is not verified then you may see xfinity flex youtube TV crashing problem again and again and you may not be able to use youtube on Xfinity flex at all.

As a result, when you access YouTube TV on your flex and see a location permission option, activate it and the problem will be resolved.

Clear the cache and data on the Flex

Xfinity flex temporarily stores a lot of unnecessary information which is also known as junk files. YouTube TV will start crashing on Flex if it starts storing an insufficient amount. As a result, YouTube TV does not work on the Xfinity Flex.

To solve this, follow the steps given below:

  • You have to go to the setting of Xfinity flex.
  • Here click on the apply option.
  • After that search for the YouTube TV app.
  • Once you find YouTube TV, you tap on it and there you will see the option of How to Clear and Data.
  • By clicking on this option, you can delete the cache.

Restart your modem and router

As we mentioned that YouTube TV does not work on Xfinity Flex because it does not get proper internet connectivity. To solve this, you can restart your router or modern, if there is any technical problem in the router, then you can replace it and ask for a new one, by doing this you do not get to see it again and again.


You should now be able to understand how the YouTube TV program works on Xfinity. If not, you may either contact Xfinity Support for assistance or repeat the procedures above step by step.

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