You’ve probably noticed a variety of light displays blinking on your router. These lights are an excellent signal that may help you diagnose problems quickly. When you use your router or modem, the problem of the Xfinity modem blinking orange light appears, and you are unsure what it means or how to resolve it. We will do our best to assist you in this matter.

According to the router manual guide, the blinking orange light on the Xfinity gateway means that it is probably connecting to the Xfinity network. You will have to wait for about 15 minutes for this to happen. Due to firmware upgrades, you cannot access the internet and other internet-related problems may also occur.

If this does not succeed, unplug the power cord from your router. Allow the full 60 seconds to complete. Reconnect the router’s power supply. After this reboot process, the problem will be resolved.

You can check the cable, use an Ethernet connection, and consider replacing the router or contacting support.

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Mean

Obviously, it simply means that you are not getting internet connectivity. This can be caused by not configuring the LAN connection properly or by using cables that are damaged in some way. In this case, you should contact your Internet Service Provider and explain the “Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet” problem.

Factors that Can Impact Router Connectivity

Because your internet connection is down, a network fault has been discovered. There are several things at work here, and we’ll go over them in-depth later.

Factors that Can Impact WiFi Connectivity
  • Your modem is linked to a number of various gadgets. Any contemporary equipment has a limit; if you try to do more than that, your modem will display this problem owing to an internal fault.
  • Whenever your adjacent WiFi networks increase interference considerably during peak hours, this problem appears to worsen.
  • When the distance between your gateway and the service provider is too great, this situation becomes more problematic. After then, the signal is not adequately advanced, and your WiFi router is unable to receive the appropriate quantity of data.
  • Sometimes your xfinity modem blinking green or blinking blue light also then you might face these issues.

Why is My Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

Now that you understand what it means to experience this problem only as a result of a lack of internet connection, let us discuss the reasons why it continues to annoy you.

Problems with your ISP

You use a WiFi connection that is powered by your Xfinity modem. But sometimes there is some problem in this due to which your connection becomes slow and your various devices are not able to get connectivity properly.

Due to a lack of connectivity, Xfinity router flashing orange appears in front of you. Your Internet Service Provider is most likely to blame for this issue.

Problems with your ISP

So, if you notice that your internet connection is slowing down, you may contact your internet service provider and check this.

Using unreliable power sources

A power outage can be the main reason as it is sometimes planned and sometimes unplanned. Because of this, a kind of fluctuation comes inside your modem.

It’s also reasonable to get an error if your electricity continues going out and on because when the power goes out, you realize your internet isn’t working and try to restart it. However, if the technique is determined to be failing, it might be due to a modem issue.

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Running an outdated firmware

In today’s time, all types of people are aware of the world of the internet, and keeps updating their modem from time to time.

Running an outdated firmware

But for some reason this is not happening, it boosts the speed of Xfinity router blinking orange issues and you are not able to do different types of online work.

You get this problem due to the loss of internet connectivity, which is also very important to solve.

Using a Faulty Modem

The issue with blinking orange on the Xfinity modem is bothering you, but you see some indications and conclude that the model is defective.

When you try to transmit or download data if the modem makes even the tiniest noise, it automatically provides you with an indicator. All of these symptoms point to a malfunctioning modem.

A defective Ethernet cable was used

You’ve probably seen that when the internet cables are faulty, we receive the slower version of the internet speed. As a result, there is a breakdown inconsistency, and we do not receive adequate connectivity in a consistent quantity.

A defective Ethernet cable was used

The sole reason the xfinity modem displays the orange light is because of all of these items up to the internet.

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Service outage in your area

All of a sudden, you’re unable to use any of the services you’ve previously paid for. This frequently occurs as a result of Xfinity internet service outages. After that, your Xfinity modem will become orange.

This is also a common occurrence; however, you must wait a short period of time for this to occur; the problem will only appear on your screen for a short period of time.

How Do I Fix Xfinity Modem Blinking Orange

You also have to be inclined towards the solution, for this, we are giving some steps, with the help of which the above-mentioned reasons can be removed and the problem of Xfinity modem blinking orange light can also be solved forever.

Restarting the modem is a good idea

Unplug your Xfinity router to restart it manually (you can remove the power cord from a wall outlet or from the power port on the back of the router). Wait a moment before plugging it back in.

This difficulty will not persist for long since you will restart the Xfinity Modem Gateway from my account section, which will resolve all of your internet-related issues. It also identifies how to resolve the issue and informs us of the first measures to take.

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange
  • First of all, you have to go to xfinity modem’s official website
  • Where you have to select your account which will be login with your id and password or by phone number
  • Select your option after which you have to go to the account option
  • Here you find the Internet Services tab
  • As you scroll down by coming to this option, here you see the device option.
  • Here you find your modem and click on the select restart modem option
  • After which this process of yours starts and as soon as it is completed then the blinking orange on xfinity modem problem on your screen is easily removed.

Use the Xfinity troubleshooting option

You can solve the xfinity gateway blinking orange problem by heading to My Account and seeing what troubleshooting options are available. This is a tiny option that is available within the account; let’s go over the processes.

  • You have to log in to your account which may require an ID password or phone number
  • From here you will go under Internet service type where you get the device option
  • After that, you scroll down and find the troubleshooting option
  • Now, clicking on the troubleshooting option you have to wait for some time
  • After waiting 5 to 10 seconds your screen displays the current situation which you can inform Xfinity Customer Care and get a better solution

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Try to fix broken cords

All sorts of equipment cables should be checked from time to time because they merely contribute to your problem in an unwelcome way.

Try to fix broken cords

If you utilize low-quality equipment cables, they will begin to deteriorate over time. It is simplest to do this since you can just replace it anytime you feel like it.

This is often regarded as the most effective method for ensuring that your services function smoothly. You will not have any internet problems after that since your internet will be functioning at a high speed.

Pay internet bills on time

You’re all aware of the blinking orange light on the xfinity modem issue. It’s growing worse, but we’re attempting to inform you how to fix it. You can take certain actions to permanently stop them, including paying for your services.

If you have an internet subscription but have not paid it on time, Xfinity will turn off your service for a period of time. This will occur as a result of non-payment.

Our sole recommendation is to change your internet bill payment to automatic so that your payment is made every month and your communication services are not disrupted.

Use the most recent firmware

Your modem firmware is a sort of software program that allows your router to operate well and deliver seamless features.

Use the most recent firmware

However, it is critical that you upgrade the firmware; if we do not do so, the orange light on xfinity router issue will always be present.

Let’s keep a few things in mind before upgrading it, such as the fact that we recommend connecting the Ethernet wire directly to the modem whenever you do this.

  • Connect the device to a computer, tablet, or mobile, and connect the Ethernet cable to the modem
  • After this open your browser and open the Xfinity modem’s IP address there.
  • Here modem GUI appears where admin username and admin password have to be entered
  • Note that this is different from the password for your wireless network SSID
  • After that go to Main Menu and select Utilities here
  • Here you see the option of Upgrade Firmware in the left sidebar.
  • Now click on the update status area
  • If any firmware upgrade occurs then it is easily downloaded and started installing in your modem
  • After complete, the process click on the save option and restart your modem
  • You will find that your problem is gone within minutes

Connect with xfinity helpline

If the xfinity blinking orange problem persists, you may become frustrated and resort to contacting your Internet Service Provider. You can contact customer service for this.

You may use this toll-free number to contact them, or you can communicate with them by chat or email. They attempt to assist you as soon as possible and quickly alleviate your agony.

If any serious annoyances are discovered, get your madam changed as well.

Fix the configuration issue

The proper configuration of your Xfinity modem is very important as it depends on a variety of media whether it will be configured properly or not.

Fix the configuration issue

It measures the type of your Wi-Fi signal in the configuration as well as cable lines capability, DNA server capability, and bandwidth. If any problem is found in any of these things then a configuration error will definitely appear in front of you and this problem will become of blinking orange Xfinity router.


As a result, you may have noticed that we have tried to explain the answers more clearly using several forms of reasoning. If the discomfort persists, there may be a problem with your modem or external lines.

For this, it is recommended that you contact the team by email and properly describe your problems; after some time, your email will undoubtedly be answered, and the situation will be rectified.

What does it mean when your Xfinity router is blinking orange?

It could be a hardware issue or a lack of signal getting to the modem if the Xfinity lights are blinking orange.

Why is my Xfinity modem not working?

If the Xfinity modem doesn’t work, you’ll need to check the light status of the router. If it is blinking orange then there might be an internet-related problem

Why is my modem showing offline?

modem showing offline Then check if the modem is powered on. If not, then be sure to check for power outages. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the Internet.

How do I fix the orange blinking light on my Xfinity?

Restarting the router often fixes connection problems that result in the trouble of the orange flashing light going away.

Why is xfinity shutting customers WIFI off if they have a non Xfinity router?

If your Internet continues shutting down, it could be due to a loose cable. Check to see if the cables are in good shape. Whether they appear to be loose, gently twist them to see if the connection is restored.

Can I plug my Xfinity router up at a different house?

You can transfer the modem yourself if you have an active cable coaxial outlet in the other room. If not, the coaxial connection will need to be moved or extended to the opposite room.

Who can I call at Xfinity to get Internet turned on using my router/modem?

If you would like to call XFINITY Internet service using your phone, please go with

What if Existing router suddenly linked to another xfinity Account?

Earlier generations of xFi Gateways are “dual band,” which means they transmit two independent radio bands for their WiFi network. So you can easily switch between them.

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