Verizon router is provided to you in a well-equipped manner through which we fulfill your daily internet requirement. But each blinking light has a different meaning in it. Today we will talk about the problem of white light blinking. Through this guide, you will be able to know how to fix the problem of the Verizon router blinking white. You just have to know what it means and what the reason is.

When billing a solid white light on the Verizon FiOS router, you should know that it is connected to the internet and the router is working properly. If this light is blinking too fast, it indicates that the router is rebooting and trying to establish a connection.

That is, if you see this white light blinking, then do not worry because after getting the connection, it becomes stable automatically. For some reason, if this blinking light does not work, then there may be some serious consequences, the solution of which we will talk about in detail.

Why Is the Verizon Modem Blinking White No Internet?

reasons for verizon blinking white
  • Verizon router is getting blinking white issue but you are not getting internet connectivity, behind this, there may be some technical fault in your router. This problem coming in the router can be due to hardware-software problems.
  • The router is connected to a type of coaxial cable. It is only if the damage is found from somewhere then you can see this type of error in your device.
  • Problems in IP addresses also increase this type of error.
  • Because after this your router is not able to send the correct data to your device.
  • Due to a DNS server problem, you experience this type of problem from where you can see that your device is working but internet connectivity is not getting.
  • somestime your modem overheat then you will get red glob on verizon, this can also causes for white blinking issues.

How to Fix Verizon Router Blinking White

Let us know the solutions to remove the Verizon router flashing white no internet error, after which you will be able to see that this problem is not going to last long.

Connecting to another WiFi Network

Whatever device you are trying to connect to the Verizon Fios router, make sure that the device is working properly. Check white light banking in the Verizon router if the device is not getting internet connectivity even after the error is not found in the device. If the lights are not blinking at all, then reinsert the power cables again, after which your problem goes away.


After checking the white light blinking you are still seeing that internet connectivity is not available then try connecting your device with another wifi network. If the internet starts running there then there is some serious problem in your Verizon router which you can easily solve by the technical team.

All device rebooting

You can restart your Verizon FiOS router and other devices after which the problem of white light blinking does not bother you.

Restart the Router

  • To reboot the Verizon modem you’ll need to find the reset button on the back of the router.
  • After getting the button, you press and hold it for 15 seconds.
  • After which your router completely goes into the reset process. Where it tries to establish a connection.
  • After getting the connection it works properly and the problem of Blinking the white light on the Verizon modem light goes away.

Reboot Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet

You will also need to reboot your computer, phone, and tablet devices. You will find that the problem is actually lost and internet connectivity is back because sometimes your devices start showing some air due to working for a very long time.

Check Time & Date

You may not know that even if the time and date are not set properly, your device is not able to reach internet connectivity in it and you think that the Verizon router is faulty or not working properly.

check fdate time

It is not so, you can check the date and time by going to the settings option in your present device. If it is found to be incorrect, correct it immediately.

Reconnect It

To remove the problem of the Verizon modem blinking white light, you can re-connect to the WiFi network, after which the problem of Internet access on your device goes away. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • You have to click on the WiFi Settings option.
  • After selecting the WiFi network from here, click on the Forgot button.
  • As soon as you press the Forgot button, you are asked for the password again.
  • You re-connect with your WiFi network by entering the correct password.
  • By doing this you come that the internet connectivity is back and you do not get to see any problem or problem.

Contact Verizon

If the above solutions are not working for you then the only way for you is to contact Verizon where all types of technical and software-related issues are solved.

Contact Verizon

All you have to do is dial their toll-free number and you will see that they solve this problem easily. You can contact them via phone number, email, or Chat support.

Let me provide you the list of:

Verizon internet contact number1-800-837-4966
Talk to a person at Verizon1-800-922-0204
Verizon router blinking white Support

Improve Your Wi-Fi coverage

Verizon router blinking white no internet is blinking but internet problem is still visible so you can use a wifi coverage extender. It solves these problems quickly.

Otherwise, try to set up your router at a place where the signal is stable.

Make sure to use network extenders so that your device can get the signal strength properly. It is a type of wireless network adapter that increases the ability of network access in your home or office.

Be safe from other devices

Try to install the Verizon router in a place where it is 10 feet away from electronics or electrical devices.

be safe

Monitors, micro ovens, cordless phones, and electric motors all reduce its signal. Because of this also you are not able to get internet connectivity in your device and think that this problem is getting due to the Verizon router blinking white.

Check your present subscription

You take a kind of subscription plan to run the internet service where you are provided with the best speed. But we forget to pay your bills it due to which the internet service provider company stops your services.

After this, you see that the white light is blinking in your FiOS modem. Therefore, our only suggestion is that you must pay for these services on time, after which this problem will not bother you at all.


You have taken special care of the above-mentioned things and this problem of yours has also gone away. Fios White light blinking does not mean any problem but it only shows the stability of your internet connection.

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