How to Unfreeze Xfinity Screen Frozen Issue

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The Xfinity Cable Box is delivered with the best of convenience to your home for easy access to all types of online streaming content. As you keep on using it, you will come across various problems. The problem of xfinity screen frozen sound works is quite common, which is resolved with the help of a few steps. We will talk specifically about this problem.

As the problem of xfinity screen freezes progresses, then you have to take some important steps. To resolve this, you can troubleshoot your xfinity box by restarting, resetting, or updating software.

Why Is My Xfinity Frozen

Let us know what can be the important reasons for the occurrence of this problem.

  • You have to check whether the set-top box is operating properly or not. Not operating the software properly also exacerbates the problem of xfinity home touch screen frozen because if this problem persists then only your boss will not respond properly.
  • Internet-related problems are most responsible for cable box, due to not getting internet properly, TV box does not understand what to do.
  • It is very important to get the xfinity connection properly, so you must pay attention to the internet as well as its cables. Even if the cables are damaged from somewhere, it still does not work and puts the problem of the frozen screen in front of you.
  • It’s critical to properly configure Xfinity setup parameters. Its screen begins to suffer from various types of issues as a result of modifications in the configuration settings.
  • The software has an impact on everyone because it asks for updates from time to time. Various forms of inconvenient situations arise as a result of not updating.

Note: You should also pay special attention to difficulties with the router, as this problem can arise due to a lack of internet connectivity. Following that, the router displays an orange light, green light, or blue light problem. In this case, contact your router service provider right away.

How To Fix Xfinity Screen Frozen

Above you have learned why is my xfinity tv frozen? Let us now know whether there are such measures with the help of which you can overcome this problem in minutes.

Verify that all cables are connected

Xfinity Screen Frozen

To fix this problem, you need to check the different types of cable connections that are coming from your TV and cable box. If they are found loose then they can be easily fixed by tightening them. If they are broken from somewhere, then you can replace them and install new ones. By doing this you will not see this problem at all.

Xfinity Box should be restarted

To fix this problem, restart your X1 TV box. It refreshes the system by restarting, after which many forms of annoyances are simply eradicated. You can start it in different ways. We are telling you only a few which are easiest for you.

By Help menu

  • You can restart it only with the help of the help menu, for which you have to press the A button with the help of your remote control, after which the help menu is targeted.
  • Now click on the OK button.
  • Here the restart title will appear in front.
  • Click on the restart button and wait for some time.

by Power button

This operation can also be done fairly well with the help of the power button. If you want to prevent having your xfinity screen freeze, simply restart it using the power button, and the problem will go away in a matter of minutes.

  • You have to check that all the cables are connected properly after that find the power button which is given on the front side of your TV box.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • It will start automatically.
  • After restarting your xfinity on demand screen frozen problem should have disappeared.

By Power cord

With the help of a power cord restart, this problem gets resolved. If your TV box does not have a power button, then you can complete this process, for which you can isolate your TV box for 10 seconds and after the plugin, see if your problem is solved.

Check for Outage

Check for Outage

Sometimes there is some outage in your area due to which streaming service is not received properly. In such a situation, the problem of xfinity frozen comes in your cable box.

You just have to wait for some time or talk to the service provider. Information about this is also given in your account section from where you can check after how long the service will resume.

Fix your Tv Problems

You should also pay attention to TV issues, as the problem of a frozen screen can also be found on the TV’s side. In this case, you may also need to address television-related issues, if your cable box is working properly but your TV is displaying a screen freeze issue.

In this case, you can also set your TV’s firmware to update, restart, and factory resetting.

Get Support

You are unable to use the above methods due to the seriousness of the problem of xfinity freezing problems. In such a situation, you can talk to customer support that will provide you with information about different types of options in a better way.

Get Support

By using these options you can easily overcome this problem.

To get connected, you can get help by going to the contact number and community helper.


We hope you liked this guideline. Your xfinity screen frozen sound works problem may have been solved. But due to some reason this problem is not getting fixed, then we have told you to definitely contact the support.

This is the only way to solve your problem because it could be caused by a software or hardware issue.

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