My Tcl roku tv keeps restarting error occurs when you are trying to set up a streaming channel, but your television network or Internet connection gets inaccurately. With the television network settings you have selected, select the setup link, and follow the onscreen instructions as well.

If your web connection is currently working, use a computer or another device such as a tablet computer to check it. When a link does not exist, contact your ISP to help restore the Internet link. If your PC has an online link and it is still noticed roku error 009 code, restart your TCL Roku television.

Roku Error code 016 occurs when you are trying to set up a streaming station, but your television has also dropped its system or Internet link. Tcl roku tv keeps rebooting occurs when you are trying to launch a channel, but the network or Internet connection is also dropped. In your own Roku system, select Set up a connection to go to community settings and follow the onscreen instructions. If treated, the radio signal may be very weak and due to this roku overheating amazon prime.

Why does My Roku TV Keep Restarting?

Troubleshooting though, you can expect to restart TCL Roku TV. The incremental instructions listed here are:

  • Press on your remote to open the key display.
  • Scroll up or down and then choose Configuration
  • Press the right arrow button and select the program
  • Press the appropriate arrow and select the power
  • Press the right arrow button and select Process Re-Start
  • Press the ideal arrow and select Re-Start
  • press the button to confirm

Note: It may take a couple of minutes before your television can resume.. 

How to Fix Tcl Roku TV Keeps Restarting Netflix

Sporadically, in case of a serious glitch in your Roku experiences, it can stop and prevent menus from surfing. If this is the case, then you want to go through a streak of button presses in your handy remote controller to activate the reboot.

tcl roku tv keeps restarting
  • Press your home button bar.
  • Then press the arrow.
  • Press that rewind button.
  • Press the Fast Forward button bar and check tcl roku tv 55 keeps restarting or not.

This is somewhat complicated, but should you press the button within this arrangement, then your Roku will slowly go away. For a few moments, you need to keep in mind that the echo stop symbol and the monitoring of your residence will also return just after that and must check for tcl roku tv restart loop.

Why Does My Roku Constantly Reboot?

  • Resume that a stop is probably not the same as a mill reset.
  • Resume that your Roku stations will not improve programs or some other different settings.
  • Resuming that your stop will not end your Wi-Fi configuration.
  • It is not really necessary to restart a Roku mechanism. To get it in order, one should just start again and verify roku troubleshooting no picture.

Resolved: Roku Stick Keeps Turning Off

Step #1: Check Head Phones in Your Distant

  • UpDate your own Roku
  • Unplug the Roku to get a minimum of 30 moments
  • Take Away the cans out of the distant
  • Eliminate the bolts out of the distant and wait patiently for Approximately 30
  • Publish the Roku
  • Assess for upgrades
  • Now, your roku ultra keeps shutting off resolved

Step #2: Disable Nintendo Wi-Fi

However, a known difficulty with specific Roku gadgets has begun with Ninja Swap, however, just enjoying Pokemon Sword and Protect.

  • Date your own stop
  • Unplug Roku
  • Switch from Nintendo Alter or put it in airplane mode
  • Publish Stop
  • re-assess for upgrades
  • Now, test your roku tv doing things on it’s own fixed

Step #3: Update Roku

You may have tried this remedy before, however, it may be worth a second try. Even Roku features have been upgraded quite regularly to include or fix bugs. Like the headphones and Nintendo Change Pokémon problems, executing some upgrades probably doesn’t fix the above issues, but other than that, put in separate repairs.

  • Pick out the domestic in your own distance.
  • Choose configuration after technology
  • Select the technology after assessing the current date
  • Enable Upgrade Roku when Single and examine roku express shuts off by itself

Step #4: Check  Channel

Is it true that your Roku reboots or reboots the station inside a particular program or program? Can it be exactly what you are doing if it happens? If it indicates a station or app-related, remove it and then reinstall it manually. When it is a navigation or menu dilemma, take out some stations you won’t see to reduce the memory footprint.

Step #5: Check HDMI Cable

Many Roku systems use an HDMI cable to connect to a television, so this is definitely an upcoming sensible point. Switch it to a different cable and see everything that comes about it as well. You will find equally bodily and psychological gaps in Ethernet and USB cables, you can find gaps in HDMI cables. HDMI wires are rarely flawed, although this measurement is only done in two or three seconds, it is really well worth the effort and your issues my tcl roku tv keeps restarting Netflix solved.

Step #6: Factory Reset Roku

Re-setting that your Roku can actually be a last resort step. You can also shed your entire stations, your adaptations, and anything else you have acquired to allow yourself to be personal. But when all the preceding functions have been neglected, this is the only real option, except replace your gadget. Nothing is ideal, and there is a risk that you may possess a faulty Roku system.

  • Choose your own Roku away at home
  • Configuration then pick up the technique
  • Opt for advanced level technology configuration followed by factory re-set
  • factory re-set select everything


In the event you discover that you want to regularly resume your system to work properly, you may possibly encounter problems using some of your installed station programs or even your system is doing. You can try re-inserting and removing station programs. In the event that contact Roku customer service you always experience difficulties with your system as well like tcl roku tv keeps rebooting.

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