The roku streaming player is a great tool for those who find entertainment in their home and office. It brings with it many web series and TV shows which are also very entertaining but sometimes TCL roku no sound error occurs.  You don’t know how it is fixed.

First of all, you have to know what Roku is and how it works. It is a media streaming device that runs with the help of software. For this Internet connectivity plays an important role, if internet connectivity will start to decrease then tcl roku tv no sound error comes to your screen.

It comes for both your Android and Windows devices with which you can share your screen. It works on the mechanism of screen mirroring. Internet connection is very important for all roku tv which remains connected with a wifi router. Are you can overcome this problem by using some things?

Why does my tcl roku tv no sound?

You always have to keep in mind that your volume level is not st or muted at zero if it is so then you have to increase the volume by clicking on the volume button with the help of a remote or you can un-mute it by pressing. Doing this removes tcl tv no audio out problems otherwise roku won’t turn on.

Tcl Roku TV No Sound

What Should I Do If TCL TV No Sound

When you watch different types of channels on your Roku device, you have to do some steps for this.

You have to press your home key, with the help of which a list opens on your screen where all the channels are available but when you do that then the channel goes on but, “roku tv sound not working” problem comes. And you don’t hear any sound.

But you can overcome this problem with the help of some troubleshooting steps which are as follows:

  • You need to separate and re-connect all the HDMI cables
  • Click on the home key from your remote
  • Scroll down and choose the settings option
  • Click on the audio method to Stereo
  • Now convert HDMI to PCM Stereo
  • Click on Control the volume level and voiceless option
  • Now check for audio level unmute
  • verify that the audio connectors
  • Attach the Roku player to a varying input
  • Now you able to instantly hear audio

Solution for TCL Roku TV No Sound

Your “tcl roku tv no sound” error goes away in the way given above but for some reason, it does not go away, then you have to adopt some other methods which are as follows:

Corrupt TV Frames

There are some frames on your roku TV which should work in the right condition, if for any reason there is any difficulty in these TV frames then you should fix it, for this you have to follow some steps.

  • Check for audio on your TV isn’t muted
  • If your device is attached to an A/V television, cause sure the subject is on
  • Click on setting
  • Go to performance & sounds
  • Pick the audio from the Roku table
  • Now check for Dolby digital output always off

If you have followed the steps given above, then you will never get the error of “tcl roku tv no sound” on your screen.

Test Wi-Fi speed

You need to check your wifi speed for fixing roku issues. So always take care of your connection speed between your router and points and make sure it’s connected.

  • Try one or more of these steps
  • You should move your connected device closer to your wifi device
  • Now run a speed test
  • If speed is so bad then restart your network
  • If problems still occur then connect with ISP

Can’t connect to the internet

To fix roku media player no sound issues, you need to turn off your device and wifi router. 

  • Now try to restart your connection
  • You need to disconnect all powers 
  • Wait for LED lights on which says the device has no power now
  • Now reconnect the power
  • You will see all lights shows status but it takes 2 to 3 minutes
  • Check Ethernet cables
  • Now Close and re-open your roku device again

Check Defective Hardware

You use a type of hardware that is sent to you by roku and you connect that hardware to your TV device but sometimes this hardware also comes broken which is why whenever you Does not work properly when connected to

  • In this condition, you can replace that device or try some troubleshooting steps given below.
  • For this, you have to restart your device
  • If you have already done this then you can reset that hardware with the help of your remote
  • And can fix your device by clicking on run SSC
  • After this, you will have to check all your drivers
  • And at the same time, Ram must check
  • When you complete this process, there is no fault hardware air on your device.

Check Low Power Outages

Whenever your Roku TV shows a power outage, then your Roku TV volume control also does not work, then we will adjust you to check your power supply properly & roku tempcheck.

Whichever TV you are using, you should always check all your wire if any breakage will be found, then your TV also does not work.

Now you also have to increase the resolution of your TV screen, so that you will know that your TV is working properly. If this is the case then you do not need to panic at all. So you can fix tcl roku tv sound cuts out problem by your hand.

Review the HDMI Bond For TCL TV No Sound

As we all know that any streaming device is connected to your TV through an HDMI cable, and then in this case you have to check the HDMI port properly.

If that internal damage is found then you can also get a new HDMI port which you can easily get online.

Clear Audio Settings

Sometimes your audio settings are not set up properly and you are not properly aware of that, then you can go to Roku tv support and use the right configuration settings.

And your roku device starts working properly if you want to complete this process by yourself then you have to keep some things in mind.

  • You need to scroll down and click on the home button
  • Now go to roku settings
  • After this, you will get audio options
  • Click on default mode and enjoy your tv

Choose Audio Mode 

You have not selected the correct audio mode, due to which “roku has no sound” comes on your screen, in this condition you have to restart your device or follow some steps.

  • You need to click on roku home screen and go to the settings option 
  • Now you will have an audio mode 
  • Where you found two-mode Stereo and Auto
  • You should select stereo mode 
  • Now you can get sound on roku tv

Control Software

The software works in the Roku device, which becomes very necessary to update from time to time but if we do not do that then the software starts damaging internally.

In this case, you will have to update your device by clicking on auto-updates settings.

Check Audio Cables

The audio cable comes to you with a type of coating that you connect to your device and use your streaming player, but keep using the cable continuously; it slowly starts to deteriorate under this condition. You can attach and also make your device a repair; you have to keep in mind that you are using the right port.

Try to Connecting Ports

Dust causes your port to malfunction due to which they cannot get a perfect frequency and they start providing “TCL roku no sound” or no audio on your system.

Then you can clean those ports and for this, you have to use a clean cloth or you can also use port cleaner.

After this, the audio starts stopping on your system, which is so clear that you feel that it has never been spoiled before.

Check Volume Control

Whenever you are doing streaming on your device, you must check the volume if it is set to a low setting, then you can increase it, due to which your problem is removed.

Disable Audio Enhancements 

  • You have to set all your disabled audio to enhancement mode and turn it on, for this you have to go to the sound settings and you have to click on properties where you will see a window where you get the settings. 
  • You can fix your problem by clicking

Why is the sound on my TCL Roku TV not working?

you need to press the volume button up if your sound mute. then increase volume level to resolve sound issues on roku tv. your buttons found on right side of the remote. This is best way to fix your problem instantly.

How do I fix roku keeps losing sound?

Always replace your old HDMI ports and cables with new HDMI ports to resolve roku keeps losing sound issues and try these steps also : Press the *>Settings>Audio>Audio mode, click on auto option.

Why does my TV suddenly have no sound?

You need to check your Speakers is set to on state and all cables connected to TV and the correct input. Now, verify your device with Speakers. You can replace your remote also if not working well.


If all the above solutions are not working for you then you may have to talk to customer support at the end where you tell them the problem itself and listen carefully to the issues.

And after that, they provide you with a perfect solution or if necessary send a technician to your home or office who checks the device properly on you and fixes your my roku tv has no sound with proper feedback.

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