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Suddenlink is one of the American telecommunications subsidiaries of Altice USA specializing in high-speed Internet, cable TV and broadband. It offers pay bill services with the facility of various easy, customer friendly and safe mode transaction facilities for Suddenlink Bill Pay.

Create an account For Suddenlink Bill Pay

This would be the first step for any payment/services.

  • Open the home page and click on’ Sign up Now’. You can view this on any sign in page.
  • Enter the 16 digit account number which appears (top left) with the 4 digit PIN number (or access code display below the account number) which seems on the bill or on order confirmation email.
  • Complete the captcha as it appears on a screen.
  • Once you select ‘next ‘the page will navigate to “My account registration – step 2 of3. The page will ask you to create your user name and password, reconfirm the password. Once it accepted you need to fill in personal details and some security questions.
  • Read the Suddenlink policies and select “I agree”
  • Choose if you would like to go for paperless billing and then select “Finish Registration“.

Modes of payment For Suddenlink Bill Pay Online

Suddenlink makes it convenient to make bill payment as per your preferred mode from the following:

1. On-Line:

Sign in to My Account for pay suddenlink bill, and make a one-time payment using your debit/credit card/checking account. You may sign in with EZ account and make automatic monthly payment by registering any card/account

2. By Phone:

Call us and follow the automated instructions to make a card payment at no extra cost.

3. Representative Assisted:

Call the number listed on your bill between 8 am to 8 pm and takes the guidance of the representative to make your payment. A service charge is payable for this service.

4. By Mail:

You could simply mail the payment via a cheque or money order to the company with details of ‘remit to address on your bill and it will be taken care of. If details of the stub on your bill are not available you could mail the payment directly to the company address with your particulars of name, address, phone number, and account number for my suddenlink bill pay. There is an option for overnight bill payment facility also. The latest addresses can be located on the net.

5. Self Payment Mode:

You could take the option of locating Suddenlink stores near to your location and use the drop box facility to make the payment during non-business hours/holidays. Keep in mind that the cheque may take 3-4 days for clearance.

6. Third Party Payment:

Certain stores like Walmart offer the option of making payment through their checkout counters. These stores, however, do not guarantee immediate payment to Suddenlink and clearance may take over 5 days. Electronic Fund Transfer can be through third-party option by stores of your choice like Check Free.

7. Phone numbers:

Suddenlink offers 24X7 support its customers through their call services. One can locate their numbers in the directory services offered by Here we enlist a few toll-free support numbers:


For any payments/service issues related to the Internet or TV one can call this number which would lead you through a series of questions like:

Please say your 10 digit phone number associated with pay my suddenlink bill account or say, new customer.

New customer: You ask to confirm that services are for a home purpose and then say/enter the zip code of the area where service is needed.

Then you will be asked to give your 10 digit phone number. After confirming the number, you would be connected to the concerned person by knowing the purpose of your call:

  • Billing & payments
  • Technical issues
  • Add or upgrade features
  • Cancel my services

Suddenlink Residential Sales

Again the call would be directed to answering machine which would ask you for your registered phone number or confirm as the new customer.


Suddenlink Pay Bill Online Outage:

Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, there might be a disruption in services/payment delays. To check on the reason you could log into your account using your username and password. Navigate to the right corner of the page to My Services. Any reason for disruption in service like an accident/tree fall/cable laying/road repair etc will be displayed. All payments during this time will be disrupted.

Account Name Change With Suddenlink Pay Bill Phone Number

You can use only one name on the billing. Change of name can be done if

  • The official change of name/marriage.
  • Owner deceased and transfer of the account to legal heir.
  • Account ownership transfer in case of divorce, deceased owner, roommate etc


  • (For North Carolina)Download the form for name change/account transfer and fill all details and with supporting documents mail to the official address or send a fax to Altice USA.
  • One can also visit any of the Suddenlink stores and fill the form and provide the supporting documents.
  • For those living outside Carolina, they need to call 1-877-694 -9474.

Once the change is made the new name will be reflected in the next bill. The user ID and password has to be passed on to the new owner.

Supporting Documents

When transferring to surviving spouse with same last name, only security numbers will require.

For other transfers, a photocopy of any one of the following requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Driving license
  • Current valid state / federal ID
  • Green card
  • Military ID

If your ID does not have your current address then you need to also submit:

  • Current lease/mortgage in the new name
  • Current utility bill in the new name

Registration on Suddenlink is free and once you register you can:

  • Access Suddenlink emails
  • Set up EZ pay to view bills
  • Suddenlink2Go would let you watch TV as you are on move.
  • Manage your account.

Suddenlink online bill payment services assure the customer of assured good service and consistent features. A wide range of cards accept payments, all transactions will be recorded and reported in personal accounts, measures have been taken to prevent fraud and technical support is available at all times. The company meets consumer expectations by ensuring faster payments with proven efficiency and with less effort.

Direct contact for pay Suddenlink bill online

My suddenlink pay bill Support – Apps on Google Play


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