You will without problems comprehend how to remove spectrum reference code gvod-6014, but first, you have to recognize why this error comes on your screen? Whenever you run your spectrum TV app, it does not work properly and video streaming begins intermittently. That is, it is a video-on-demand error.

What Does Spectrum Reference Code Gvod-6014 Mean

The reference code gvod-6014 simply means that the video-on-demand is not acquired properly, due to which you can’t stream any video. In such a situation, you have to maintain ideal communication between your spectrum app and spectrum server, for this technical assistance is effortlessly available.

Video-on-demand is obtained for a short time only, for which you can easily wait a few hours.

Why Is My on Demand Not Working Spectrum?

There are various reasons which are given below:

Faulty System

This spectrum cable box error codes receiving erroneous system is a very large region, due to which you preserve getting harassed again and again. To clear up this, you have to talk to the spectrum provider and replace your system.

Due Monthly Bill

Whenever you use a service, it prices some money for the month. If your limit has been met and you have not paid the bill then no video will play on your screen. Due to the video not playing, spectrum code gvod-6014 begins appearing on your screen.

Insufficient Memory

By repeatedly streaming video, your memory slowly begins to fill up. Because the memory is full, there is no space left until the subsequent video to watch, in this circumstance, you can clear your memory.

Faulty Internet

If you stay in a location where there is usually bad weather, then you may have to see spectrum reference code gvod-6014 problem. It does not provide you video properly if the climate does not improve. Somewhere your internet is additionally affected by this. All online things are based on the Internet. If the Internet will not work appropriately then you will not be capable to do anything streaming.

Fix Spectrum Reference Code Gvod-6014

spectrum reference code gvod-6014

Thus you have known various errors of spectrum tv reference code gvod-6014 but how can you overcome it? For this you may have to follow some steps which we are telling below:

Fix On-Demand Settings

  • Press the menu button using your remote
  • Now you see the option of settings and support
  • Where to press ok or select
  • You have to press the parental control and the OK button after which the demand logo appears.
  • Now press it and click on Continue
  • By doing this your problem is overcome to some extent

Test Your Power Cycle

If any audio, video or net connection trouble is coming in your spectrum TV box then you may want to release its strength cycle.

Power cycling removes residual power from your TV after which your TV starts to respond properly.

  • First of all, you have to remove all the electrical wires from your TV box.
  • Now you have to wait 10 to 15 seconds
  • After waiting for a while, the wires you removed are to be re-installed
  • Doing this will reboot and refresh your TV
  • And your problems will be fixed easily

Check Unable to Process Request

The screen startup memory of your spectrum TV app shows the error of “unable to process your request”. Then it simply means that the video will not work on your application and will show the spectrum reference code gvod-6014.

Check Credit Cards Issues

If the credit limit in your account has been met or is about to be fulfilled, then you are bound to get this error. For which you can log in to your account and entire the payment by visiting your service provider’s website. Once the fee completes, then this problem disappears immediately from your screen.

Sometimes we do not pay interest in a hurry and our account stability begins to run out which we have to recharge, if we do not do that then some error will constantly come on your screen.

Fix Configuration Error

If your program does not operate properly then somewhere you get it due to a configuration error. Whenever you receive an input, then it comes somewhere due to your program not operating properly.

  • For this, you have to go to your settings option and set your application to default mode
  • After which you will not face this problem and your application will start updating automatically.
  • Your spectrum reference code gvod-6014 goes away because of the update.

Talk With Isp Provider

Whenever this error seems on your screen, you may have to talk to the Internet service provider because once in a while you do not get internet connectivity properly and your video begins playing intermittently. Due to this, you will have to report immediately, after which your video will start coming properly.

Check Power Cords

 Power cords play a very necessary role to transfer your signal from one place to another. But each time there is any breaking in these cords then it does not scan properly. Do you assume that technical trouble has occurred? In such a situation, you have to check step-by-step cords. Also, it has to be checked that it is connected to the proper ports.

Test Input Port

Different types of ports are provided with your setup box, but we do not know which one to use in all ports. Then you have to understand this with the help of a menu guide. You can take the help of a technical team that sends spectrum service providers to your home.


In this way, you have known various reasons and results, due to which this spectrum reference code gvod-6014 is visible to you. Even after following all the selections given above, you continue to have problems. Then you have to check your spectrum invoice payment, otherwise, you can inform your problem by going to the support number where after some time your trouble is removed.

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  • Watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO onDemand. I can watch any episode except Season 5 Episode 6. I get code GVOD-6014. S5 E8 is the last one so don’t want to skip episode so close to the end

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