Amazon Fire Stick Setup is the best way to get resolve your issues with full assistance. Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV Stick is one of the most innovative and popular creations of Amazon. Today, millions of people across the globe have been using Fire Stick running popular TV shows and accessing entertainment apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Airtel Movies. Users also download lots of video games to play and experience the excitement of amazing video games.

However, lots of first-time users want to know how to setup firestick? It is not a tough job but consists of several Guides that you should complete successfully before going to the next Guide. Here, we will discuss Fire Setup process in details.

Things To Be Remember before installing Amazon Fire Stick Setup

How to Create an Amazon account:

You can create a new account while installing Fire Stick but that might consume some time that you can save beforehand by creating an account. You can do it on your laptop or just by accessing the Amazon app on your smartphone. Now choose either a general account or for more movies and entertainment can create a Prime account paying the requisite subscription.

TV or computer screen:

The Fire Stick works perfectly with any common TV that we use at home. You can use it with a desktop monitor. You just need to ensure that the TV screen or the computer display you are using has an HDMI port. Amazon generally advises using 1080p Full HD TV for better visibility and experience but that is not mandatory.

Home Wi-Fi with a high-speed internet connection:

You need a high-speed internet connection and WI-Fi system. For higher resolution like 1080p, you need at least 8Mbps speed for live streaming. 1080p videos. However, with lower download speed like 4Mbps, you can stream 820p SD video and with 2Mbps download speed you can stream 720p HD video.

Inside The Setup Amazon Firestick box

Amazon Fire Stick is available from Amazon. As you order it and get delivery right at the door guide, confirm that you get the following items inside the box: The Fire Stick, Alexa Voice remote control, An HDMI extender cable, Power adapter, Remote control batteries.

The Fire Stick dongle is a bit wide, so when you directly connect with HDMI port the other neighbouring ports may get blocked. That means you will not be able to use those ports. To overcome this problem, use the HDMI extender cable.

Best Guide For Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Sometime you also get Firestick No Signal then need to apply setup fire stick again .Once you ensure that all the above-mentioned arrangements and devices are within your reach, you can now start the setup process. Don’t skip any Guide. It will take 15-20 minutes to complete the setup process. Let’s begin:

Guide 1: Connect With TV’s HDMI port.

You can use the HDMI extension cable as we discussed above. Now, connect the power adapter with the Fire Stick. Use the TV remote control and navigate to find the right HDMI port.

Guide2: Need to Put the Remote Batteries

At first, put the batteries to the remote. It is an easy process as an arrow could be visible on the backside of the remote. As you push as per the direction the entire back cover will open up. Put the batteries and replace the back cover once again. In this device both the batteries remain in the same direction.

Guide 3: Pair the Alexa Remote With Fire Stick.
  • Maintain 5-6 meters distance between Fire Stick and Remote.
  • There is a “Home” button on the remote. Press and hold it for a few seconds.

Just the instant these two devices are paired, the TV screen displays “Fire TV Stick”. At the bottom of the screen, you could see the “Start” option with an icon.

Guide 3: Need to Select the Language

You can now press the “Play” button. The TV screen will now show “Choose your language option”. Several languages are displayed including English . In most of the cases, users select this language.

Go up or down using the trackpad fixed for navigation and highlight your preferred language. Then, click select to fix your preferred language.

Guide 4: choose Network and Connect to it

As the language selection Guide completes, the next screen displays all the available networks right now. Once again use the navigation trackpad to select your network and complete the Guides below:

  • Click on “Select” to choose your network.
  • Type the password as directed by the system using the trackpad.
  • Press “Play/Pause” to complete the process.
Guide 5: Fire Stick Registration Process

On the next screen, you have to complete the Fire Stick registration process. Here, you require the Amazon account detail. On the screen, you could see two options “Register” and “I already have an Amazon account”. If you have already created an account with Amazon then select the second option and put all the details including the password as directed on the screen. Once done use the “Play/Pause” button to complete the process. The Fire Stick immediately recognizes your account and displays your name on the screen. Confirm the account finally and press “select” to continue.

Guide 6: look into, a pop-up screen appears

Does it ask whether you would like to save the Network or Wi-Fi password here or not? If you want to save it, then press “Yes” and if you don’t want to save it then press “No”.

Remember, if you press “Yes” then you have not to enter the password each time you use the Fire Stick. But, it also has a disadvantage. All other Amazon device in your house with the same account gets free access to the same network. If you are concerned about your security or if the device has multiple users, it is better not to save the internet password.

Guide 6: Parental Control For You

The Fire Stick also offers parental control option that you can use any time or now if required. After saving your Wi-Fi password as you come to the next screen it asks you to create a five-digit PIN. This will be required in future every time you want to play a video rated as adult or teen. The Pin will also be required to purchase teen or adult-rated item through an app.

In case, you think this irrelevant or there is no children at your home you can skip that option. In that case, select “No parental controls” and go to the next option.

If you want to use that option to restrict your children’s accessibility to different options as stated above, select “enable parental Control”. The Fire Stick then asks you to create a PIN that you have to do with the help of the wheel containing 1, 2, 3, and 4. Once you use these digits press the three-line icon as visible on the lower right corner. It opens 5 to 9 digits. In this way, you can create a five-digit PIN. Now, press “OK” to complete the process. The screen shows “Parental Control Enabled”.

Guide 8: Look at the demo video

You’ve completed the primary Guides to setup firestick. Now, the TV screen shows a video that demonstrates how you can use Alexa remote to control your Fire Stick. This is a Guide by Guide demonstration. It ends automatically.

Guide 9: Need to Manage and Monitor the Consumption of Data

You can control how much data the Fire TV Stick consumes daily. If you use any limited data plan, then this is a useful option for you. Select “enable Data Monitoring”. Then complete the following Guides:

  • The TV screen shows the quality of the video options available. Select the one you think feasible and select “Next”.
  • Now, set up how much data you want to use on this Fire Stick system. The screen shows calculator type digit board. Put the data limit and select “Next”.
  • Select the network through which the data will be consumed. Select “Done”.

As the data limit ends, the system will alert you that you have exhausted all data and that alert is visible on the TV. Just skip this option in case you don’t need to set any limit.

The system is now ready for you. After a few second observe your TV, there you could see the home screen.

How to Download Remote app & pair it with Fire TV Stick

Though your Fire Stick is now ready to use, there is another task left: Download the Fire Stick remote app on your smartphone. This is not mandatory as you can do all the basic jobs through Alexa remote but many users prefer the app due to its multiple applications. Fire TV remote app is available both for Android and iOS. Download the app and follow the below-mentioned Guides:

  • At first, ensure that the Fire Stick and your smartphone are connected to the same network.
  • Activate or run the app. It quickly recognizes your Fire Stick. The app asks to connect with the Fire Stick. Tap to connect Fire Stick with the app.
  • A four-digit code appears on the TV screen. Remember the code and type it on the app. It connects pairs the app with the Fire Stick.

How to Download Setup interesting apps on your Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick is an interesting device that brigs world of entertainments at your home. Not just Amazon movies and TV shows but several other entertainment apps like Hulu and Netflix can be downloaded on Fire TV Stick. Follow the Guides below:

  • Go to the app menu from the home screen. You could find a large collection of popular apps here. Otherwise, you can search an app by typing the apps name in the field provided for searching.
  • As you get your preferred app press “Select”
  • Find the “download” option and highlight it.
  • Press “Select” that will start downloading the app.
  • As the download is completed, you can find the “Open” option.
  • Need to Press “Open” and find sign up button. Complete the sign-up procedure and press “Select” once again.
  • Next time onwards you will be asked to sign in.
  • The app is now ready to use.

As an app is downloaded and you complete the setup Guides, the app can be used from home screen anytime. Next time, you will be able to control the app through Alexa voice command.

How to Use Alexa Remote’s Voice to Control

Alexa remote is an amazing device. To set up Amazon firestick completely, you cannot ignore this part. Apart from all the activities we discussed so far, you can use the voice command option for controlling the Fire Stick. In fact, this is the most interesting and attractive part of the whole system.

At first press the “Microphone” button. Press it for a few seconds like 10- 15 seconds. It activates Alexa on your Fire Stick.

The TV screen becomes dark with a blue straight line across it. The straight-line adjusts itself as you send command. You have to hold the “Microphone” option as long as you send command. As you start using voice commands, you will quickly learn how it works on different commands like “Go Home”, “Play Netflix”, “Pause”, “Stop”, “Rewind 60 seconds”, etc.

Some Advanced  Settings for Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Find the “Settings” option under main menu. There are several important options under it that you may require anytime. Below are some of those options:

  • Get an option for changing your screensaver settings.
  • You can manage different apps or uninstall them.
  • Change the nickname you use in your GameCircle.
  • Set the time zone and language.
  • Connect to a hidden network and can also alter the DNS servers.
  • Change the audio and video settings as per your requirements.
  • Return to factory setting in case you have messed up something.

As a whole, Fire Stick can give you a whole new experience in entertainment and infotainment. It is easy to operate but you just need to be careful while installing the system.

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