How to Fix Schlage Lock Blinking Red- 6 Ways To Fix It

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You use the schlage lock for the security of your home, which is given to you with the best types of features. If you use it from time to time, then some flaws start coming into it. Among these, there is also the problem of schlage lock blinking red .

Why does this happen? What does it mean? What is its solution? Today we will discuss this and will try our best to remove it.

Why Is My Schlage Lock Blinking Red

First of all, we will talk about the reasons why the schlage lock blinks red and won’t open. There are a few reasons for this which we are listing below:

  • This red light blinks when your schlage lock has a low battery or a fault.
  • On entering the wrong user code in a hurry, it starts red light billing.
  • Various errors in its programming force it to do red light billing.
  • It shows problems due to some kind of error in the keypad.
  • This door lock of yours is based on a wired system which is inbuilt in it. When these wires get burnt or damaged, then it informs you through red light indication.

How to Fix Schlage Smart Lock Blinking Red

Let us now know how the problem of the lock blinking red is resolved.

Schlage Lock Blinking Red

Always Replace the batteries

As we mentioned that schlage causes red light billing due to low battery and other problems in battery which is a common thing. We will discuss this.

In this instance, you can only replace your battery after the red light stops billing. When everything returns to normal, a green light indicates that your battery is in good condition.

  • There are a few things to keep in mind whenever you go to replace the battery.
  • First, you release the battery tray, for which you can remove all its screws.
  • Now here you find an AA battery and a 9-volt battery. Remove both these batteries.
  • After this, you also remove the connector attached to it.
  • After this process is done, you reassemble the new battery by putting it in it and you come that the problem of blinking red light is gone.

Do not enter the wrong user code

Repeatedly entering the wrong user code in the schlage lock exacerbates the red light indication problem. In that case, you should avoid it.

If you believe your schlage lock code has been discovered by someone else, you can alter it using the reset option.

After that, schlage keypad lock blinking red does not present you with a blinking difficulty because you are now entering the correct user.

Resolve Error in Programming

Just now we told you that it is programming in your schlage which becomes annoying sometimes because this lock is based on a kind of predefined technology and follows the same.

Programming breaks down when there is a slight change in this technology or due to some damage. In such a situation, it puts the problem of blinking red light in front of you.

You can fix this by entering another programming code that deletes the current user and adds a new one. The problem of schlage lock flashing red will go away after you add a new user.

 Reset a Schlage Keypad Lock

We can also solve the problem of schlage lock keeps blinking red by resetting the keypad lock because it blinks red light due to a fault in the keypad lock.

Let us know how to carry out this process:

  • To reset, we will use the reset solution in which you remove your schlage lock plate cover and remove the battery.
  • Now here you have to press the schlage button and reconnect your battery again.
  • After this, press and hold the Schlage Lock button again for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • After this process is completed, you will see that Schlage Lock keypad lock has been reset and the red light blinking problem has also been resolved.

Buy new battery

Your schlage lock shows battery damage for which it uses blinking red light. Then you know that your battery has a specific problem.

You can get suggestions about this by talking to the schlage technical team. If the battery needs to be replaced, you replace the new battery with the old one.

Contact support

You’ve previously tried the methods listed above, but the problem persists. Then we recommend that you contact the technical team right away.

The technical staff takes you through a series of actions and remedies before resolving the schlage keypad lock red light blinking issue.

You can reach out to the team via their toll-free number, email, or chat assistance, which is also a convenient option.


Above we had given some reasons and some solutions, which is a great solution in itself, but due to some reason, you are still suffering from the problem of red light blinking. Then you must contact the technical support right away or re-apply the above method step by step.

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