What Do I Do If My TCL Roku Won’t turn on

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Roku won’t turn on after a limited time update as the problem could be with your TV as well. However, that doesn’t mean you should disregard troubleshooting the Roku. You should also diagnose all devices like your TV, relevant cables, WiFi, and Roku. Here is a list of those problems.
Reconnect all the cables you need to diagnose the Roku not turning on issue. Reconnect the adapter. Turn on the power source. Unplug the Roku from USB and then this problem should go away easily.

Why Is My Roku Not Turning On With Remote?

Bad power cable

Power strips with an expiration date are not supplied with your device. Still, it’s just starting to get worse. This problem with Roku escalates to this problem by fixing the cord and fitting it directly with a new plug.

Using Unauthorize Adapters

Using an unauthorized adapter on your Roku device can cause a variety of problems. After that, the situation worsens to such an extent that the Roku device will not turn on at all.
In this case, you should avoid using any of these third-party adapters.

Due to Overheating

Every type of device needs some rest otherwise it starts suffering from overheating problems. Due to this, various types of hardware and software problems also arise. You should at least give your device some rest.

Firmware issue

Roku devices are dependent on firmware upgrades that are placed on your device with various forms of technologies from time to time.
That’s fantastic if you’ve set it to auto-update. If this is not the case, you may experience a variety of Roku device issues, including the device not turning on, freezing, and other issues.
Our sole suggestion is to keep the Wait gadget up to date at all times.


How to Fix Roku Not Turning on Issues

You can easily solve this Roku Tv not turning on the problem. Let’s see how:

Examine Wireless Interference

Cordless telephones, microwave stoves, or other broadcast media near your router can create wireless interference that can alter the quality of your network attachments. Move any comparable devices away from your broadcast router as the Roku will not turn on at all.

Resolve Your ISP Issues

Tour the website of your internet assistance provider and contact them immediately to question any blackouts or connectivity-related points. Make sure you validate that your internet bundle provides rates ready enough for streaming.

Decrease Network Custom

Devices currently reaching the network, such as other streaming pros, workstations, game consoles, and portable devices may influence the status of your network attachment. Momentarily stop using any comparable device and review if that causes separation. You may require lessening the usage of other network tools when practicing your Roku device.


Authenticate The Cable Connections

If required, unplug then reconnect the wires to the identical ports. 

You Should Restart the TV

Touch the power switch on your TV. The place of the power button on most figures is below TCL logo on the seat of the TV or behind the TV towards the right side. Please advise your user’s guidebook for the correct location for won’t turn on. 

Replace Loose Connection

This can arise due to any deduction, one of which is a disconnected relationship between cables. Consequently, supporting you acquire rid of the error instantly.

Always Utilize Socket

Next to trying procedures similar restart or reset, if you’re also ingested with the HDMI affirmation, then use a socket very than a USB port. Doing HDMI extender with the stick is a different ideal clarification because it stops the device from heating and thus, upon roku not turning error. 


When your roku tv stick won’t turn on at all then you should apply the above settings for best results. Team members at Roku customer service were receiving numerous calls and proceedings from customers searching for possible help for his or her queries. Expertise is fine in handling all sorts of Roku system faults, so it won’t be a problem for them irrespective of how huge the trouble is.

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