Are you standing roku remote flashing green light? So there can be many causes for this, due to which your device may be incomplete or will not work accurately.

Do and turn on the set-top box, after that they may face some problems, it may be due to a lot of scientific intricacies, you can save a lot of your time within this article and also exclude your concerns. You can wait for Greenlight blinking is a kind of failure that implies that your Roku Remote Constantly Stops Working properly, there can be many ways to assassinate it, which we will tell you further.

Why is my roku remote flashing green light?

There can be numerous causes for roku 2 remote flashing green light, which we can immediately overcome by some troubleshooting steps, let us know about some reason.

  • Drain out of the battery may be the basis
  • Tcl Roku TV No Sound
  • You are using two separate types of battery
  • To pair the remote which is not comfortable with your device, a technical glitch has transpired in your device, due to which you are viewing this problem.
  • Your wifi is not working correctly due to which you may have to live this obstacle again and again.
roku remote flashing green light

All Roku’s customers are frustrated when they turn on their device and their remote does not work accurately due to which they are incapable to access their favorite TV shows web series and a lot of exercises and whenever When they call Roku customer service, they tell some solution, but later again the same difficulty may have to be seen again and again, you may get a lot of error information on your screen, which is also told by light. 

How To Fix Blinking Light On Roku Remote?

Generally, a blinking green light on Roku remote is says that your controller is not working. Meanwhile, the absence of a blinking yellow light on Roku remote may describe that your equipment does not receive any power.

With the guidance of the controller, hold the green screen light whenever it blinks. This means that your controller is also not working correctly when the yellow light blinks. This suggests that the device that you have is not receiving any power. Whenever you see any such error, then you can follow the steps given below to eliminate it.

Replace Your battery

This is supposed to be the most accessible and most certain way, whenever you get a roku remote rapidly blinking green light error, then you can undoubtedly recognize that your Roku remote is not working properly, for this you may have to restore your old battery because whenever If the battery becomes old then it starts to generate some flux on your controller, due to this you start seeing green screen error again and again.

Before using the battery, push your old battery and clean it completely and apply it again and see if it starts working, then this error is fixed.

You have to keep this in mind whenever you buy a new battery, then you can buy from the official roku center itself or you can order online from a trusted website, if you take it from some other place then you will face this dilemma again. May have to do, which is not for you

Try Hard reset

If you have applied a new battery, then you are still accepting a roku ultra remote blinking green light error, then it may not be a difficulty of the battery, you will have to use some other clarifications which have always worked, you hard reset your streaming device Allow the settings by going and wait for some time, your setting will be revived and the green screen will run evenly. You can also use some methods which are mentioned below.

  • You need to take out your battery compartment
  • After doing this, remove your battery from there and sharpen on the power cable
  • Turn off the power cable
  • Turn on the power cable after 5 minutes
  • After this, turn on your television
  • And wait for some time, as soon as people’s home screen starts appearing; put the battery of Roku remote back in it.
  • Your device will connect after 30 seconds of weight
  • With your remote and you won’t get any errors
  • Now your difficulty will be overcome which is a very good way

Repair Device

If you are still roku remote stopped working blinking green light face, then you will have to repair your controller and streaming device with the stop remote

Let us describe some ways with which you can repair your remote with the device and your roku remote flashing green light can be easily dismissed.

  • You have to shut down your device before you can remove your battery. Now you can remove your battery.
  • After 5 minutes of the shutdown, you have to get a new battery or you can use the old one
  • After which you have to clean, then after you have to reconnect your power cable and put the battery, your device must be turned on.
  • You will see the home screen with roku logo
  • Now you have to press and hold the button of the press and hold for 3 to 5 seconds as you do it.
  • You will see the light flash on your screen
  • Your Roku device has paired with the remote
  • And you are not going to get any errors
  • If you have not received such a message, then you can do this process again two to three times, this problem will go away.

Change Network settings

Whenever you use a streaming device, you need a high-speed internet connection. If you do not use a fast internet connection then you have a lot of problems. also,You start getting high-speed internet plan to overcome this problem.

  • You can follow some steps, with the help of which you can also overcome the hassle of internet connectivity.
  • You will go to the admin panel of your router
  • Login there with your user id and password
  • When you are signed in, you will click on the stable internet connection option.
  • There you have to click on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless network.
  • And after clicking save, restart your router or modem, by doing this your internet speed will be stable and you will get a fast internet connection, due to which you will not get roku remote stopped working blinking green light on your screen.

Try Controller download

If any of the above techniques are not working with you, then you can overwhelm this inconvenience with the help of the Controller application. The controller application works efficiently with your remote control. I will enable wifi source and your controller app will start representing your device like a remote, with the guidance of which you can pair it

You can use all the functions with your Roku device more easily, this is a very easy way to do any new form of device, and you will not need to use the remote for

Buy new remote

If you do not want to download the application, then you can acquire a new device by visiting Roku’s official website or by visiting amazon’s website, by visiting any trustable website where this device can be transferred to your home but one thing you must keep in mind is that your roku device works efficiently with this remote device. When you buy it, then you will need to pair your device. We tell you something that will help you make your device easier can pair with

  • You have to download the Stop remote application from the official website on your phone.
  • After that, you will go to settings
  • Select your remote and also the device
  • There will be some instructions on your screen which you have to follow and setup
  • Now you have to open your battery compartment
  • Have to take out your battery from your controller
  • After this, you also have to remove your power cable and turn it off, after waiting 5 minutes, turn on your television.
  • And wait until Roku’s home screen arrives
  • Attach the battery to your remote
  • After that you have to click on the footing button for 3 to 5 seconds until the light comes on your screen, you have to hold it until the remote
  • And your remote pair will start
  • If not, then you can repeat all this 5 to 6 times
  • After pairing, you have to wait 30 to 40 seconds
  • Your controller will start establishing a connection with your streaming player
  • Now you will receive a message that your connection is working best with your device.

If you get the information of overheating on the device, then you can solve it by agreeing on the roku overheating guide. you can also Roku Tempcheck.

Change Factory Settings

If roku roku controller flashing green light is still coming on your screen, then you can also use the factory reset settings, due to which your device will start running at percent. Let’s know how to facilitate this setting.

  • A purple color button will appear on your remote screen
  • You have to hold it and wait until your device turns on.
  • You will see the Home button on the screen of the remote from your Roku.
  • Have to press it, after that the setting will open in front of you
  • As soon as you scroll up and down you will be able to see it
  • After this, you have to press on OK to select the setting
  • Now you click on the System option, after that you will have to go to the advanced system settings
  • There, you will see the button of factory reset, by pressing it you can accept it
  • A prompt will appear on which you will have written factory reset everything
  • You have to do that and your device will be set up and start working again.


We hope that roku remote keeps flashing green light difficulty has been determined easily, now you can use your streaming device regularly, yet if you have this feature again and again, then you can tell your obstacles using Roku Customer Service. Their qualified staff will help you and will be able to overcome this query. You can tell roku remote green light flashing won’t work problem here through the comment segment, we will try to overcome this problem more thoroughly through some methods, we will adjust you by going to the Roku chat option and chatting with them there.

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