Altice is a popular Internet service provider company that is held by Optimum. Through this, you stream videos and observe your favorite programs on TV. But at whatever point you employ its services at that point abruptly obv-055 error code altice one comes on your screen.

Usually, you are shown due to a lack of internet connectivity. Internet connectivity depends on your ISP. Unfortunately, as with all types of stream devices, there are very common errors found inside. To deal with them, we have to adopt good types of methods. We will discuss in detail its various causes and solutions.

Meaning of obv-055 altice one dvr not working

By the way, we know this error as no internet in the cable box, which simply means that only the box is not able to take internet connection.

It looks very dangerous to see, but usually, it is a very common problem. Obv-055 altice one is considered a special result of WPS error, which we can easily remove by restarting

Reasons for altice one obv-055 error code

What are the various reasons for error obv-055 that we do not know, let’s see

  • We use incompatible network adapter software that is usually equipped with an outdated driver. That’s why whenever you start altice one cable box then it shows some fluctuation in internet
  • It is based on one type of technology. Whenever there is any kind of fault in this technology, then this problem starts bothering you.
  • Usually, it is the nature of humans that they keep tampering with something, due to which they also damage the cable box.
  • When maintaining the cleanliness of the cable box, keep in mind that no wire breaks or breaks from anywhere.
  • A natural disaster is also considered to be an important reason behind its not working. Suddenly rain or strong wind starts blowing, and then some problems start in your internet connection provider. you can wait a while
  • You also get internet connection problems due to low bandwidth. Because to use the cable box, the scolding is transmitted in a high amount. If this data will not be affected properly then you face problems in streaming the video.
  • Sometimes we use an insecure network, due to which there is a big interruption in your internet connection. So always use a secure network
  • You folks don’t pay consideration but it is exceptionally important to utilize the correct hardware. Any kind of equipment issue makes a difference you to set up a moderate internet connection due to which you get altice one DVR not working
  • In today’s time, we ought to utilize everything branded whether it is a dress or your electronic gadget. That’s why we prescribe you to continuously utilize the router of an appropriate company, on the off chance that you are doing not do this at that point you may discover blame in your services someplace.

How to fix obv-055 error code altice one

Above is various information about how we can remove error obv-055. It is also very important to solve them.

Some such things are being told below, keeping in mind that you can overcome this problem.

obv-055 error code altice one

Replace your main device

The most common problem is that your WiFi is too slow, due to which internet connectivity is slow. We suggest you always use a good company’s WiFi router as it gives you very high efficiency.

In some cases there’s a got to replace your device since the cable box we are utilizing is given along with your ancient gadget which moreover has old processors interior it. Whenever you set up a web connection, it can’t handle it.

So continuously utilize a most recent form gadget as it were. In the event that you’re still utilizing the ancient adaptation gadget, at that point, you’ll supplant it and take a new box as it were, which you too get at simple prices.

Try to move closer cable box to the router

The easiest way to fix obv-055 is also to try taking the router near the cable box and see if the connection is battling

If the signal is still getting slow then it may be that you are getting this slow connection due to any thick walls or barriers.  Subsequently, continuously make beyond any doubt that there’s no such obstacle between the switch and the box only.

The most straightforward arrangement to get free of this problem is to alter your settled spot or else you can able to increment the transmission capacity of your WiFi router.

If that doesn’t work, you can also get a range extender which will speed up the frequency considerably.

Replace your old router with a new one

The next main reason can also be that some kind of manufacturing default has come in the router that you are using, which decreases your internet speed day by day.

If this is not the case then you may be using an older version of the modem which is not able to rectify the internet speed.

In case usually not the case at that point there’s a plausibility that the router you’re utilizing isn’t appropriately set to the default mode and isn’t able to communicate together with your web benefit provider.

If you want to induce freed of this problem in a total way, at that point utilize a router of a branded company.

All these issues are effectively overcome and you are doing not need to stress at all. For this, you can talk to the Internet Service Provider; they can also guide you properly.

You can easily upgrade internet plans

Altice one obv-055 error is started because it depends on the speed of internet connectivity. But when we take internet services in very less amount then internet service Provider Company provides the low connection. After which all your services start fluctuating.

We suggest you choose a high-speed package whenever you take an internet plan. By doing this a good amount of internet frequency is available, after which you are also able to establish your standard correction properly.

Resetting router settings always works

As we all know, to settle any issue, we reset it which issue gets unraveled effortlessly. This method also works properly for obv-55 altice oneltice one dvr not working. But at whatever point you need to do this, you have got to check that your modem is working legitimately and associated with the control line in legitimate condition.

Let’s know how to reset it

  • To find the router reset button which is usually given on the backside
  • You press and hold the reset button for 30 to 40 seconds and release
  • After some time, you will find that your router or modem has restarted properly and is back in working condition.

Need to pay a monthly bill

Sometimes we do not even notice in a hurry that we have paid the bill for the cable box. Internet service Provider Company stops your services and also starts showing error code Altice one on your screen. Which simply means that you now have to pay your bill?

To create a charge installment, you’ll specifically call the client service where they tell you all the steps. After this, your services are restarted and with a way better web network you are doing not confront any burden.

Check your Insufficient Bandwidth

Everybody knows that after interfacing as well numerous gadgets, your transmission capacity diminishes. In this manner, anything gadget you’re not utilizing, certainly turn it off, after which you’ll come that the transmission capacity has expanded. Presently you’re too getting a way better web network. These little fixes assist you to progress your services.

Do not use Insecure Networks

Another way to fix this issue is to never share your wifi router password with other people. Because when this happens, that person is using the internet and you start getting very low speed.

Therefore, to increase network security, for which you can choose a strong password that cannot be known by anyone.

Check all access points with Installations

When we install cable box hardware, it becomes very important to consider the different types of access points. If this is not the case then the antenna is not installed properly at the time of installation.

In such a situation, you get a hardware error that does not work with your internet.

We would recommend that whenever you do the installation, always install the right tools at the right points.


We have learned how to evacuate Altice one mistake effortlessly. But still, you’re getting this error at that point you can share your issues with us through the comment section. We will also try to solve it in the best way otherwise you can easily solve the problem by talking to customer service.

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