There are a variety of reasons to reset altice one box, including different forms of loading, visual stalling, or any kind of screen mismatching that you want to repair. If you believe we will reset it, the problem will be resolved. It has been observed that restarting the Altis One box usually resolves the issue.

We can get around this by performing a hard reset, and we’ll show you some methods that are specific to your box.

Things to keep in mind before hard reset Altice one box

Before learning how do I reset my Altice one box, you should be aware of the following information.

  • To begin, make sure that all types of splitters and wires are connected to one another.
  • Is there a problem with your router?
  • The router should not have any software issues.
  • If the router has a hardware problem, it should be replaced immediately.
  • It’s important that the TV box you’re using is in good functioning order.

How to reset Altice one box

Here are simple steps :

Booting the cable box from the menu

  • You must utilize the arrow button on the remote control.
  • Then, once you’ve obtained the menu button, you must press it.
  • You may adjust the settings here.
  • Now it’s your time to utilize the arrow button to get to the setting choice.
  • Now you must click the reset button, which may be found in the settings menu.
  • After that, you’ll see a confirmation message informing you that you want to reset your box.
  • Then you click the YES button to finish the process, and your Altice one box is reset.
  • You’ll have to wait a while for this process to finish because your cable box will start powering up in a few minutes.
  • All of your preferences are likewise reset.

Using the Reset Button Manually

Have factory reset Altice one box with the help of the above solution but still you are not able to know whether it is reset or not. Then, if you know how to reach the manual reset button, you can finish the operation.

  • To begin, locate the reset button, which is only available on the front or bank of the box. It’s a little circular button of some sort.
  • If you can’t find this reset button, try pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds.
  • After that, hold down the Altice one box reset button until the display light turns off. This normally only takes 10 seconds to complete.
  • Your box blinks a light when the process is finished, and the booting process is complete, after which images begin to emerge on your home screen.

Connecting and disconnecting the cable box

You can also complete this process by simply unplugging the box, for which you have to pay special attention to the following things.

  • The first step is to disconnect the power cords from the outlet. All of these power lines are included in your box’s wall outlet, which you may pull out.
  • After some time, this power cord must be re-inserted, and you must wait until there is no light billing in the box.
  • Following that, as soon as you click the main power button, your display will appear.
  • Because you have to remove and re-insert all of the power wires, this procedure may take 5 to 10 minutes.

Why do we need to reset altice one box

reset altice one box

Now the problem is why do we do this that we need to factory reset altice one box.

For which we are telling you the reasons given below which can be responsible for this.

The mini box isn’t working properly

One box, for example, may work occasionally or may begin to cause a slew of issues in front of you. It also crashes or tries to convey to us via various sorts of illumination that there is a hardware and software issue in the box.

To begin, we must first learn reset altice mini box.

If you know how to implement this procedure, your problem will go away quickly; else, you will constantly have some sort of issue.

Due to Router Init Failed

We require some form of strong signals to work with the router, however, if we can’t receive them, your situation will worsen.

If it is unable to work with the signal at first, your box will not function and will display the error Router Init Failed in front of you, after which you must click on the reset altice one box button.

Due to obv-055 Error

The difficulty is exacerbated since your router is unable to correctly relay the provisioning signal to the Altis DVR. You can do this by selecting the option to reset. Which we have discussed in great detail above because if we do not do so, the obv-055 Error Code will appear in front of you, indicating that there is no internet.


By the way, we have tried that you can know exactly how to reset altice one box and what is the reason for it.

All this information has been well explained to you but still, you are still not able to find the reset option, then in such a situation, you may have to talk to the technical department in this regard.

Otherwise, you can also get this information through a local guide. Our suggestion is that always visit the official website of Altice One and make a callback request which is done by the technical team only.

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