How to Delete Zelle Account Step By Step

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Due to some reason we want to delete zelle account but are not aware of its initial steps and we are unable to complete this process. Do you want to know how to delete this account, let us tell you complete information about it.

Zelle is a way to deliver services related to money transactions to you. With the passage of time, various types of errors also start coming into it, in which payments are not processed properly, and old is also included. Because of this, you get upset and think that zelle should be deleted.

Why Do We Need to Delete Zelle Account

  1. The device in which you are using zelle application does not support it properly. Then you won’t be able to receive money.
  2. Somehow you can activate your account but there is some problem or the other so you want to delete zelle
  3. Your application suddenly starts getting error and you want to stop its services immediately also you have found another application
  4. Due to internet connectivity, your application stops responding on the android device or on any device so you want to delete it.
  5. You have installed zelle application but somewhere there is a problem with enrolling the phone number.

Steps to Delete Account on Zelle

To delete this, you have to follow the steps given below carefully.

how to delete zelle account
  1. You have to go to the following page with the help of a browser
  2. On scrolling down, the option to enter the registered name and email address appear.
  3. Here you will enter your subject which is as follows a request to delete my account
  4. After this, the description box appears, here whatever is your honest region, because of which you want to delete it, you can mention
  5. Click on send now option message
  6. After which all your information will be shared with the team and you will also get a confirmation message that zelle account has been deleted.

We hope that all the above staff have understood you well. But somewhere we are not able to complete this process because different types of devices have different settings in them, about which we tell you.

If you have a debit card enrolled through the zelle application, you may need to immediately contact the customer support team to cancel the zelle account. Which you can also dial the customer support team’s toll-free number 844-428-8542.

iPhone or iPad

  • Simply go to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad
  • Where you tap and hold the zelle application
  • After this, you will see the option “X” mark which is at the top of the application icon.
  • You can easily remove zelle application from your phone by clicking on it

Android device

  • you have to go to the google play app
  • Here the My Apps and Games option is found in the menu icon.
  • Here are all your installed applications
  • After this, you select zelle application in the list
  • Simply remove it from your phone by clicking on the uninstall button

Mac computer

  • First, you have to open MAC Store
  • Here click on your name which will be given in the sidebar
  • After that click on zelle information option which will appear on your top window screen
  • Delete option appears on which you have to delete the application by clicking

How to Cancel a Zelle Account or Payment

If you want to cancel a zelle account then know how to do it.

You can take different types of steps for how to cancel zelle account, whose information we are telling you below.

  • You have to log in to zelle application with the help of your device phone number or you can also use the official website
  • After this, on the home screen, you see three dots in the top left corner.
  • By clicking on this you will go to the help option
  • From here you get the profile settings option, after which you also get the cancel zelle application option.
  • You can type your problem thereby simple click
  • After which you click on send a message and see that within a few moments your zelle account is canceled

iPhone or iPad

  • You have to click on your name with the help of setting app
  • After which the subscription tab opens in front of you
  • Click on it
  • Now it is your turn to enter the Apple ID, after which simply click on the cancel subscription option.
  • and you will see that your zelle services have been canceled

Android device

To cancel zelle payments, you are using an Android device, and then follow the steps below:

  • First of all, go to google play store
  • Here you will log in with your correct account
  • After this, you also find zelle substation option in the menu option
  • Click on zelle cancel button


  • You have to log in to your paypal account
  • After this, go to the setting option and press on the payment option
  • From here, the Manage Automatic Payment option appears, which has to be clicked.
  • Here zelle option appears
  • There will be some terms and conditions settings, tick them
  • Now it’s time to click on the cancel automatic payment option.
  • After which your services are stopped

After applying all these suggestions, your account is deleted or canceled within 24 hours.

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