How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

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You are wondering how to change the code on Schlage lock BE365, but learn how to do it.

In this guide, you will learn how to change 4-digit code on Schlage lock as well as you will learn how to add code, change programming code. First of all, you need to know what is the 4 digit code on Schlage Lock BE365? This is a 4-digit number which is the default user code that can be used to unlock the lock. By using it, you can keep your home or office safe.

Let us know one such solution by which your problem of changing my 4 digit Schlage lock code gets resolved.

You have to press the Schlage button. Then press 3 and after that, the lock will beep three times, and also the orange light will flash. After waiting a few minutes enter the new programming code. You will see that the 4 digit Schlage lock code has changed.

How To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock

Change Code On Schlage Lock

You must have some essentials. Changing the Schlage four-digit code can be easy. Before you start instructing, organize everything. Their list is given below:

  1. Pen for writing new password
  2. Notebook for bookmark the password

To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock you need to follow some steps : 

  • The first is to enter your current programming code.
  • After this 3 orange lights and 3 beeps will come from the schlage lock button, wait for it.
  • Now press the schlage lock button 2 together.
  • Then again the Schlage button key will turn orange 3 times, and 3 beeps.
  • Here you will be asked to enter the 4 digit code that you want to change.
  • Again 3 orange lights and 3 beeps will let you know this process is happening.
  • After this, you will have to enter the 4 digit code again to complete the process.
  • Here it will light green, followed by a long beep to indicate that the code has been changed successfully.

Note: With pen and notebook you can write this new password and try to keep it in safe place.

How Do I Change My 4 Digit Schlage Lock Code Without Programming Code

Due to some other reasons, Schlage Lock has Not Unlocked with a key also. that is why you need to change the code.

  • You must first remove the battery from the system.
  • Press and hold the outside Schlage button and wait for a while.
  • After that reconnect the battery by pressing and holding the button.
  • Leave the outside Schlage button on.
  • After that it resets and you can use the default code. For which you can take help of a manual guide.

How to Changing the Preset Programming Code

The Schlage is provided with a preset 6-digit programming code that you use to lock it into the same programming mode as the 4-digit user code.

This code is required by the user to add, remove or disable codes to enable or disable Vacation Mode. Whenever you perform this procedure, the programming code will have to be modified in such a way that only you can modify your lock.

  • This preset programming code is also displayed in the user manual.
  • You must first enter the current preset programming code.
  •  The Schlage button will flash an orange light three times and beep three times.
  •  Press 3 after pressing the Schlage button.
  • Wait here as the Schlage beeps three times and an orange light appears.
  • Then enter your new programming code. And wait for the traditional three orange flashes and three beeps.
  • To confirm, re-enter the new programming code.
  • Here it will be light green.
  • Now you will understand that the process has been completed successfully.

Things To Remember Before Changing Schlage Lock Code

However, you need to keep some basic things in mind when you change the password –

  • Do not use the same password while changing the password. Maybe someone can easily know this password. Although most platforms do not accept a password that has just been used,
  • Do not use a common digit as a password. Especially date of birth, zip code, address digit or any other common number because it is very easy to learn and trace.
  • Never use the PIN number of the Credit/Debit card as a password.
  • Avoid using serial numbers such as passport numbers or PAN card numbers as passwords.
  • Note that you will be changing your password every few months as it is useful from a security point of view.

What To Do If Unable To Change 4 Digit Schlage Lock Code 

What if you are not able to change the 4 digit Schlage lock code. In this way, you may get a little upset, but take care of some things, then this problem goes away:

Check Your Current Code Twice

You always need to make sure that while entering the password it must be correct otherwise you will not be able to unlock or change the password.

Replace The Batteries

The Schlage keypad lock runs out of battery quickly, and if the battery is low, the keypad will not work. When you try to update the code after that, it won’t work. This will require removing the battery and attempting to replace it.

Reset The Lock

Performing a factory reset on Schlage keypad lock is considered to be the best method as it fixes the problem. So if the keypad is not responding, you can use the reset option.

Remove the Lock from the Door

You probably know that a piece of plastic has slipped from its original position inside this lock. As a result, the code cannot be changed using the keypad. Remove the lock from the door and reattach the plastic piece to the spring at this point.

Contact Support

Despite the fact that you are not aware of any of these issues, changing the lock password or code is proving difficult. In this scenario, you must contact customer service immediately. Your problem will be understood here, and if there is a technical fault with the lock, it will be replaced or fixed.


You have to know the methods from the bottom up which can help you to change the Schlage Keypad Lock. We hope it was easy too but in case of any other problem, immediately go to the customer helpline.

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