What Do I Do If My Xfi Gateway Offline in App

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Recently xfinity has sent a new modem or router to your home or office area so you have installed it but have a problem accessing it. It is bringing you the problem of Xfi gateway offline in app, what should you do? What could be the reasons for this? Today we will know in detail.

Usually rebooting the xfinity xfi gateway fixes the problem of going offline. For this, you go to xfinity.com/myxfi. From here log in using your login details after that you have to click on the Restart or Reboot button to troubleshoot. You will find that this problem has been resolved.

You now believe that the problem persists even after you have completed the reboot. Then you can read through this instruction to acquire all the details because this issue could also be caused by your xfinity router, which will blink orange light or green light in front of you.

Why Does My Xfinity Gateway Keep Going Offline

Due to Internet temporarily out

Your internet may be temporarily unavailable due to a variety of factors. In this instance, the xfi gateway is unable to connect to the internet and shows an offline error. You experience a variety of issues after it arrives, and you are unable to complete your online work efficiently.

Due to Gateway power

Your gateway remains on through a power source after which it works properly and also displays services with better connectivity in front of you.

When this power source gets damaged then you are bound to see this type of problem. So you can check this power issue.

The broken physical port on the router

Your Xfinity router is connected to the gateway through a physical port. From here it is able to send services from one place to another.

Configuration error

It’s critical to configure your Xfinity router correctly whenever you put it up. If you don’t configure it, you’ll have to deal with the issue of an offline gateway. It can also be appropriately reconfigured in this circumstance with the help of the technical team.

Damaged Ethernet cable

You must also know that if the gateway has gone offline then the Ethernet cables connecting the gateway and the router are responsible for it. If it fails or gets damaged from anywhere, then you are not able to get connectivity or network connection, so the gateway will always be set to offline mode.

How to Fix Xfi Gateway Offline

Let us already know what were the important reasons for this, due to which xfinity xfi gateway shows offline problems.

Now let’s know about its different types of troubleshooting steps, which play the most important role in removing this inconvenience.

Xfi Gateway Offline

Confirm Gateway’s power

To resolve this issue, make sure your xfi router is receiving a 24-volt power source. If your gateway lights aren’t turning on, double-check your gateway’s power supply.

You must ensure that the cables are connected to the Ethernet port on your gateway for this to work.

Cross-check Ports

It may be that there is a blockage in the port of the router after which connectivity is not available. Due to lack of connectivity, your xfi gateway is unable to connect with the TCP/IP port and displays an offline problem in front of you. You may need to check the gateway ports if it is damaged then you can replace them and install a new one.

Restart xfi gateway

You can reboot it to solve the xfi gateway offline but internet working issue. With this router, you will be able to remove various types of problems, whatever is causing the problem. Just one thing you have to keep in mind is that whenever you reboot the gateway, you cannot use your home network until this process is completed.

What is the method with which the gateway can be restarted easily and the offline problem will be solved?

Through Website

To fix the xfinity modem offline problem, you can restart the gateway, for which the best way is to access the website. Let’s know:

  • You have to go to xfinity.com/myxfi.
  • From here you have to access your login details.
  • After this, by clicking on the troubleshooting option, reach the restart option.
  • From here you click on the reboot button and your problem starts to troubleshoot.

Through XFI App

If you cannot reboot through the website then you can restart the gateway through the xfinity application. After this the problem of xfi gateway keeps going offline will be easily resolved.

  • You have to download the Xfinity application on your smartphone which is available from Play Store or App Store.
  • From here login to your application with the help of a user id and password.
  • Now go to the connection problem option.
  • From here select the reboot option.
  • After this, your restarting process starts.
  • It may also take at least 10 to 15 minutes to restart.

Manual reboot

Manual reset is considered to be the easiest with whom the problem of gateway offline xfinity in app is easily resolved.

  • All you have to do is click on the turn-off switch and unplug all the power cables from the socket.
  • Now wait here for 5 to 7 seconds and plug all the cables in again.
  • After that also turn on the gateway.

Using admin tool

With the above methods, you can easily restart the gateway, but now we also tell you about an admin tool, with the help of this it can be done more easily.

  • All you have to do is open your browser.
  • Here you have to reach xfinity by entering the address
  • From here enter your login details and come to the troubleshoot option.
  • Inside it, you get the reboot button.

Disable and Enable the XFi

You may also quickly resolve the issue by turning on and off your xfi gateway. This solves the problem of the xfi gateway being offline after a restart in minutes. It’s similar to a reboot.

Log in to your router’s configuration settings to enable or disable it. This option is easily accessible from here.

Try Hard Reset

Now we are telling you the last resort which is to do a factory reset. In such a situation, you can easily complete it through the application. After this, the offline problem is resolved within minutes.

Let’s find out:

  • First of all, you have to install and launch the Xfinity application on your Smartphone.
  • From here you go to the network option.
  • Here you can easily get the factory reset option.

In completing this process, your various types of settings are changed to the default setting. After this, the old data that was there also gets deleted. As soon as this process is completed then you know that xfinity modem keeps going offline has fixed the problem and is now working properly as well.

Connect with support

This type of problem can get extremely convoluted, making it appear difficult to solve. In this case, you may quickly obtain information by going to xfinity support and following the troubleshooting instructions.

Technical officers try to solve this problem as soon as possible after getting some important information from you.


We have tried our best to fix the offline problem with the solutions given above.

All the above methods are very easy and secure which are always recommended. If your problem is not resolved properly, then you can also get your router replaced.

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