Why do you get status code 340 Comcast? Are you assuming what the solution is? This entire error is related to your Internet connectivity activation. You can get rid of this problem forever by adopting some methods.

As we all know Comcast is a much comprehensive internet service provider company that is published for its best services. It supplies you with a high-speed internet plan, which you have to pay monthly. 

But whenever you get a new connection then the xfinity status code 340 comes on your screen. You don’t know how to troubleshoot such?

What does status code 340 mean on comcast

Before this solution, you need to know what this reference code is. When the power light of your cable box suddenly starts flashing, then you get comcast status code 340.

This error appears on your cable box screen only if you have not activated your services. To determine this, you activate your service plan online and you do not get this facility. 

To activate, you are given a serial number only after which your service starts.

Thing to Be Remember

When you go to activate your device then it is very essential to take care of some things which are as follows:

  • You have to check all your cable properly to make sure that it is well connected with the TV and the cable box.
  • If you get the status code Comcast, then remove all your power outlets for 30 seconds and reconnect.
  • You are getting this every time, and then examine to check your cable box by taking another TV.
  • You can also tell about this dilemma by calling comcast customer support.

How to fix status code 340 Xfinity

When you get a Comcast cable TV set-top box with you, then it is very important to activate it to use its service. You do not do this, and then you see status code 340 detected on your screen.

You do not know how to complete this process? To know the whole process, you should try to take care of the following things accurately.

Check Your Cables

You have to take a coaxial cable which is used for a connection. It is very important to use this cable correctly as it is attached to the connector. If any problem comes with the cable then you get Comcast error status code 340.

Check HDMI Input and output

You are given an HDMI cable which you get with the set-top box. With cable boxes, a lot of HD ports are given, for this; you have to have enough knowledge. 

For this, you can easily read the given manual guide and connect it to the right HDMI output and input ports.

Fix your power adapter issues

Whenever we go to xfinity activate the new setup box, and then we are not able to adjust the power adapter properly in a hurry because of which you get comcast status code 340. 

comcast error status code 340

Do you wonder why you are having this problem again and again? To solve this, you have to check the power adapter properly if there is any problem with it. Then you can replace it promptly and get a new one.

Check cable box turn on correctly

You may not have properly turned on your Comcast-only boss. One has to press and hold the power button for some time to turn the box on. After which it takes 10 to 15 minutes. If it serves accurately then you do not get any status.

Try to Activate on the Comcast website

In the event of getting status code 340 comcast, you have to complete your Comcast activation process first and only then you can resolve this problem. You do not know the manner of activation at all; let us guide you a little.

error code 340 comcast
  • You have to open https://register.xfinity.com/activate in your browser.
  • After which you are asked the account number
  • And the phone number is also sought for verification.
  • Now you are given a secret code of some digit
  • After this, your device activates
  • This process takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Internet is not working fine

To avoid status code 340 xfinity, you need to know whether all the connections you have established are operating properly or not. 

If there is any problem with the connection, then your activation process is not completed. Always keep in mind that you have only properly posted your post.

Call comcast support team

You can also activate your device or service online for which you can go to the website but you are having nuisance, so you can get rid of the problem by calling and you do not get status code 340.

comcast tv status code 340
  • First of all, you have to note your account number and the serial number of the cable box.
  • Now you also need the serial number of the digital adapter
  • After which you will have to call the comcast support number
  • As soon as you enter the information of your account, cable box, and adapter number properly then your device becomes active.

However, if you are having trouble, then you can tell your problem to the technical team, that step by step will guide you, doing this also saves your time.

Try to refresh all signals

Your set-top box receives a type of signal that you can refresh. To refresh you have to follow the steps given below.

  • You have to go to home settings with your remote control
  • Where the option of system refresh is given
  • Now you have to press the button after which your system starts responding automatically.
  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes to refresh
  • After which your set-top box works properly
  • status code 340 you don’t get it again after comcast is refreshed because in itself is a very good thing

Troubleshooting modem problems

As we all know that with the guidance of modem, we give access to information from one place to another. But sometimes this report gets very late due to which there is a problem in connectivity too. 

status code 340 Comcast

You will have to get this fix from the company whose modem you have taken. After which you do not see any connectivity problem. Whenever you go to activate the Comcast cable set-top box.

Check for Comcast down or not

Sometimes Comcast is a downfall in the system because it stops its services for some time. Whenever we go to activate our set-top box, you get error 340 comcast on your screen.

For this, it is very necessary to wait for some time. If you want to know how long the Comcast system will come down, then you can sign-in to your account. And you can gather all the information by going to the service.

Why is comcast getting status code 340

Due to a lack of technical experience, we face some problems.

When you get this, then you do not care what is the most important condition of it?

You want to know what you get from this error. There can be various reasons for this, but there are only a few of the most important reasons which are:

  • Go to activate but forget the information of your account number, due to which you get this facility on your screen.
  • If you cannot remember the number of your cable box and it cannot be processed during activation, then you get this problem.
  • You must also remember the number of your adapter or else you can write it down. In the event of this not happening, you may have to face a problem. Because all this information is asked on the activation screen


Now you know how to solve status code 340 comcast in the right way. There is also no need for much technical knowledge for this. Just a little information has to be remembered. 

You can also remove this facility through the technical team or chat. Just you should know your initial information which includes your account number, box number only, and adapter number. 

You can also share the troubles with you through the comment section which will be attempted to overcome.

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