Directv Error code 721 may be an exceptionally common issue that numerous individuals have fallen victim to in today’s time. At whatever point you employ DirecTV at that point you get disturbed since your programming package isn’t showing your channel appropriately. The greatest reason for this could be any kind of mistake within the signal.

Numerous individuals are utilizing the finest TV supplier in today’s time. Let us tell you that DirecTV may be an exceptionally great arrangement, from this you get the leading sort of picture quality and benefit.

Direct TV could be a sort of adherent sort innovation that provides you advanced amusement. Interior this you’re given hundreds of channels which are accessible together with your cable box together with HD channels.

What does error code 721 mean on DirecTV

Let us talk in common language, what does 721 mean? Then you will obviously come to know that you have not purchased your channel at all, due to which there are two main reasons. First, whatever programming package you have taken is not authorized otherwise you have not refreshed the service of your receiver

Reasons for DirecTV error code 721

let us know what can be the reasons for coming at&t DirecTV error code 721

  • In today’s time, it is considered very important to refresh any type of television receiver from time to time. Similarly, you also have to refresh the receiver of DirecTV. If you don’t do this then you get to see this error easily
  • Whatever subscription plan you have taken may be over. In such a situation, you can renew the plan again. After that, you never get to see this discomfort
  • While setting up the DirecTV receiver you have to line up your various channels. If this is not the case, then you start getting this inconvenience easily.
  • The receiver of DirecTV is found unable to communicate with the satellite dish. Then the DirecTV error 721 starts popping up on your screen
  • The power of the DirecTV receiver is not properly connected with each other. You always have to make sure that whatever power cord you are using is in the correct electrical outlet
  • Whenever you start refreshing the satellite, in such a state the receiver lights a kind of light, it is understood that your receiver is working. If you do not see the light then you understand that the error could be error code 721 DTV
  • Want to watch different types of a television channel on DirecTV but they are not compatible with cable box after that you get this error

How do I fix error code 721 on DirecTV

Suddenly DirecTV receiver error code 721 appears on the DirecTV screen. You have to go through this guide thoroughly to know what the different solutions can be.

error code 721

Get support with DirecTV directly

This issue ordinarily goes absent effectively after a few times. You fair need to keep various types of technical know-how with you. You’re incapable to gather this information for which you’ll effortlessly contact DirecTV support. The specialized group guides you well. You’ll be able to call DirecTV specialized group on the number 800.531.5000 something else let them know all your data through the chat segment.

Test power cables supply connection

As everyone knows DirecTV uses DC current in satellite through coax connection. But due to any issue with the power cord, your satellite receiver does not turn it on. In some cases it is on indeed at that point it does not react appropriately. Due to which the signal isn’t gotten appropriately, in such a state you get to see directv error code 721 effortlessly.

Due to the error, your connections do not work properly with the electric supply. Then you should understand how it can be resolved with the help of customer support.

General management with network connection

Whenever you see this error appearing on your screen, then you should understand that there has been some error in the network settings.

This is going to cause a lot of trouble somewhere, due to which the DirecTV recipient isn’t able to capture the signals appropriately and you’re not able to observe the channels in your membership arrangement.

Let’s know how to reset directv network connection setting

  • First of all, with the help of the remote, press the Menu button.
  • Now select a setting and help option
  • After which you see the option of network setup
  • Inside this, you have to click on Restore Defaults
  • Once your receiver has restored all the settings then you have to click on connect now
  • After doing this your receiver is completely reset and your directv error code 721 also disappears completely

Change directv package

You guys have to find out the presence of the channel in your package because sometimes your channel lineup is not there.

When we upgrade anyone’s premium channel or package then you have to wait for some time only after that channel gets attached properly.

In the absence of this, you get to see an error, after which you start getting a little worried. You do not need to worry at all because this problem goes away on its own in a few minutes.

Refresh DIRECTV Channels and Service

If channel, not lineup, or channel not authorized is still showing on the screen then you need to refresh the receiver.

As soon as you refresh the channel that your services start re-authorizing. You can easily access this process from your Directv account.

In order to refresh your services, it is very important to understand all the procedures given below thoroughly.

  • First of all login into your account
  • After which you see the option of my account
  • Now it’s time to refresh the receiver
  • Then you have to click on the Directly Refresh Receiver option
  • After some time its effect starts

Reset receiver to fix problems error code 721 is still not resolved after service refresh, in which case the receiver has to be restarted. Restarting definitely removes this feature for you.

A red button appears in the receiver, which has to be pressed and the re-start process starts to complete. Otherwise, you can also accomplish this with the help of the below information

  • All you need to do is completely disconnect the power cord of your receiver from the electrical outlet.
  • As soon as you do this the receiver gets a restart signal
  • Now wait for 15 to 20 seconds
  • Re-plugin all the removed parts
  • After this process is completed, press the Power button in front of your receiver for a while
  • and wait whether the light is blinking in the receiver or not
  • After the light blinks, you understand that your receiver has been restarted and your problem has also disappeared.

Lineup your directv channels information

As we know that on the off chance that any channel within the bundle isn’t consistent at that point this issue begins on your screen. Otherwise, the receiver is unable to receive the channel information properly.

In such a situation, the channel will have to line up, for this, you have to use the options given below

  • Sign in to directv account which will require user id and password
  • Now you see my account page where the print channel lineup option is also available
  • Click to activate it
  • If that channel is not present in the programming package then you can also upgrade your package by clicking on the package

Verify your TV Input or Source

When directv error code 721 arrives, all types of input and output ports have to be detected because sometimes in a hurry, we attach wrong inputs and outputs together.

Or even attach the source destination to the wrong wire. In such a circumstance, it is exceptionally critical to set up all the inputs and ports appropriately with the assistance of a manual guide or customer support.

Repair Cable Damage

Once you get DirecTV collector unused cable wire is given with the assistance of which you’re able to function the recipient box. But from time to time it is exceptionally imperative to check whether the cables are broken or not.

If this happens, you can replace it and ask for a new one.

Secure your Point access card

You’ll be able moreover to check your access card since on the off chance that any kind of issue is found in it moreover at that point you get this blunder. For this, you can remove your card and reinsert it again. In case it doesn’t work at that point you get it supplanted.


Presently you have got come to know how the error message can be evacuated. With the assistance of this strategy, all the issues are effortlessly evacuated and your receiver starts responding properly.

If this is not the case, there may be some other reason as well, and then we suggest you talk to customer support. By doing this your problem is solved properly.

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