Crunchyroll is accommodated in a range of content such as animation shows, drama sequences within themselves. But the trouble is that it is not accessible in specific types of countries. This happens due to its license not being granted. It periodically offers self-created content material to its users, which in itself is extraordinarily interesting. Whenever we use Crunchyroll then it shows you crunchyroll error 502 bad gateway.

This tells you that the proxy server is having trouble getting a correct process from the authentic server which is caused by the connectivity of your browser server.

What Causes a Crunchyroll 502 Bad Gateway Error

Now the question is why it comes and what could be the reasons for crunchyroll error reference number 502.

  1. This is essentially associated with the inability of the proxy to get a fallacious response from the server
  2. You can see it even if you don’t get browser connectivity properly
  3. If you are using VPN of different companies then you get crunchyroll error 502 bad gateway, you can disable VPN to remove it.
  4. Over time we should keep updating our application
crunchyroll error 502
  1. If there is any inconvenience in your internet connection, then you will want to remove it, even in the match that you will not get this error
  2. Browser cache influences very much, then you have to delete this memory after which you will not have any inconvenience.
  3. Sometimes a downfall occurs in the server and your application does not run, then in this circumstance, you have to apprehend that you are getting this error, for this you will need to take some care.

How to Fix Crunchyroll Error 502

In this way, you have to know how you start getting crunchyroll app error 502 bad gateway. But you also prefer to recognize the solution, which we will inform in the steps given below. But before this, if you are getting any inconvenience too much, then you have to remove the problem by talking to the support number.

Deactivate VPN Services

VPNs, as we all know, are virtual private networks with the help of which we keep our identity and browser activity hidden from hackers or others.

But doing so is not right at all because by using it you see Crunchyroll error 502. A simple solution to this is to disable your VPN.

We are telling you some steps that can help you overcome it.

  • Go to your phone or desktop settings click on the network and internet advance option
  • After which you have to search vpn in the search box
  • And it appears on your screen
  • Click on the vpn that you want to disconnect or disable.
  • Now turn off vpn
  • Now the turn comes to forging your network, after which all your settings will be disabled

Try dissimilar browser

The Crunchyroll connects easily with your browser but in case the browser is not updated it stops responding absolutely with your browser. After which the need to change the browser or update the browser, then this problem goes away.

If you want to change then you can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which automatically establishes a secure connection.

Check For Updates

From time to time should be set to auto-update to remove all the issues of any device or application. You can additionally update it manually with the assist of which you do not see any error.

crunchyroll error 502 bad gateway also comes on your display screen for the same reason which you can remove. We are telling you some steps with the help of which you can update the Crunchyroll software on your desktop or mobile screen.

  • You have to go to your app store
  • After which search crunchyroll in the search box
  • You see the update now option
  • By clicking on which you can easily update this application
  • Restart your application after the update and your crunchyroll error 502 will go away

Resolve Server outage

When Crunchyroll services stop coming to your system, then you must recognize that there can be a server outage problem. So you have to wait for some time because this facility can also be due to routine maintenance. You can get entire information about this by talking to the Crunchyroll support team.

Check network misconfiguration

When your security controls are incorrectly configured or your information is at some risk, then an error starts in your network. Because of this, whenever you use the Crunchyroll application, the Crunchyroll error indicates 502.

To keep away from this inconvenience, you will have to set up the network properly, for which you can take the help of a technical person.

What does bad gateway 502 mean on crunchyroll?

Bad Gateway 502 Crunchyroll simply means that it opens on your browser when you receive invalid response from gateway or proxy. You can wait for some time as it also gets fixed on its own.

What are the steps to solve crunchyroll error 502?

To overcome this problem, you will always have to keep your application updated and also close the VPN service. Doing this increases your server response time.


Now you have come to understand about Crunchyroll error 502 for what reasons it comes and what can be the solution. But still, you are getting to see this problem, in this situation you can discuss with the technical team.

You can also share your troubles on direct chat, the technical team listens in a problem step by step manner and also solves it completely.

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