What is Comcast status code 221 video signal interrupted? Why does it keep coming on our screen again and again? We will know about it in a special way whenever these problems come on your screen. Then there is a green light blink in your box which simply means that there is a temporary failure in your internet connection.

A green light appears in your Comcast cable box indicating your TV connection. This light functions automatically on the basis of your box only.

What does status code 221 mean on comcast

What does status code 221 mean on comcast? This simply means that your digital adapter with your cable box

Not fully authorized or activated. Because of which there is a green light blink on your Comcast cable box. When you get this status code, your HDMI TV is unable to share the identification data properly with the video.

We all know that the Comcast cable box LED light shows us the different types of activity inside which show the performance and connectivity status of your device.

Causes for status code 221 Comcast

Modem concern

You use a modem from a good company, but sometimes it suddenly goes bad. Now you have to face the working situation status code 221 xfinity. In this case, you will need to repair the modem.

Whenever there is any problem with your modem, it will not turn on and because of this, your internet will not work at all. Your internet speed will start decreasing suddenly, then you can identify that the modem is not working properly either.

Wire drawback

When we install the Comcast cable box, we leave the cables used in that connection loose in a hurry. So whenever an internet connection is turned on, it does not affect the connection properly. After which the cable box starts showing a green light error.

Due to the green light, you get the comcast converter box status code 221. In this case, cross your wire. Any wire fault is found then you can remove it and install a new wire.

Comcast Server outage

As everyone knows that if the light constant of the Comcast cable box is blinking then your box is not able to authorize. Such a Comcast server outage can also be caused by this. Then you have to wait for some time after which the Comcast Cable Status Code problem gets fixed.

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Ways to Fix Comcast Status Code 221

You get status code 221 comcast cable because of Comcast cable box green light blinking. You also want to remove it but do not know the process. In this case, you can follow the guide given below:

Comcast Status Code 221

Finalize your hdmi splitter

Are you getting xfinity status code 221?  In such a situation, it becomes mandatory to fix HDMI Splitter Audio Video, for this you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Turn on your display power and video source
  • After which unplug your power cable
  • Now it’s time to separate the HDMI cable from the HDMI splitter
  • Plug the display plug into the splatter ports and wait a few seconds
  • Restart the power you unplugged too.
  • You will find that your problem is gone

Troubleshoot modem issues

As you know, any type of malfunction in the modem causes the xfinity status code 221 video signal interrupted. For this you can adopt the steps given below:

  • Remove your power cable and Ethernet cable from the modem
  • If the modem has a backup battery, remove it as well
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes your modem will be full power off
  • Now reconnect the power and Ethernet cable to the modem.
  • Internet will turn on the light, after which your internet will work properly

Register direct connection

As you know, your splitters give you a lot of trouble, for which you do not get any warning. To avoid such a situation, connect the cable connection to the direct router.

By doing this you will not get the status code 221 comcast cable again. Your internet connection also will not be broken after which if the authorization process is complete.

Use correct cables with correct ports ports

In comcast xfinity status code 221 cases, connect all the cables with your ports correctly. Because HDMI ports work with high speed that allows digital audio and video to flow to your television. If these are not connected securely, then your system will cause this problem again and again.

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Always use another Tv box for issues

Sometimes there is no shortage in the Comcast cable box. This problem is coming from your TV box. So whenever you get comcast code 221 then you can connect your cable box with another TV and watch it. By this, you definitely know that your cable box is working properly.

Whenever you choose the TV box then inside it you should check the correct processor, storage option, USB port, audio-video display quality, and operating system version properly. Sometimes your box is not working properly due to a lack of compatibility.

Use Comcast customer service

If your problem is not going away from the above solution, then you may have to talk to direct customer support where he is able to guide you properly. They take some important information from you, after which, after being fully satisfied, they proxies for further. We adjust you to always keep the necessary information of your account with you.

Use Comcast cable box reboot steps

The comcast tv status code 221 can be overcome by rebooting the cable box. For this, you will not have to check that all the connections you have made are connected correctly.

  • After this, you have to press and hold the power button in front of the TV box and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Now TV automatically completes the restart process and fixes your problem


Above you have come to know, what is the meaning of code 221 Comcast? What could be the reasons and consequences of this?

You also easily fix your Comcast cable box green line problem. But due to some reasons, you are seeing this problem again and again, in such a situation you can solve it by rebooting the device or talking with customer support.

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