Why is my amazon firestick wont turn on tv? Lots of purposes behind that are considered here.Fire stick is the most useful gadget for streaming video. It implements the latest and hit channel list without any delays.

If you’ve set up your Fire TV Stick correctly, you’ll be able to find popular TV shows, videos, and series, among other things. The reasons and explanations for Amazon Firestick 2021 not turning on will be discussed below.

Reasons for Firestick Wont turn on At All

firestick wont turn on

As per an investigation, we have found lots of purposes so here is some listed below:

  • May be internet connection are too low
  • The physical connection may be lost
  • Device is overheating
  • HDMI cable breakage or broken
  • Fire stick remote not working accurately
  • wifi showing failure or not connected
  • Maybe you are using incorrect fire stick device

firestick wont turn on at all is a common difficulty which can be arranged easily so their multiple goals are not a big deal. You can fix concerns by restarting your device because this is a popular trick to cure all the failures so unplug the power cord and after 30 seconds put it back.

Fire TV Won’t Turn on – Quick Steps

  • Replace the batteries in your remote control.
  • Check for a power cable or adapter that is connected to the device.
  • If the power cable is damaged, please contact the hotline to return it.
  • Unplug the cord and wait 30 to 40 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Choose an input button on your remote and double-check the name of the TV input associated with the HDMI port.
  • Unplug your fire stick from the HDMI hub and connect it into a port.
  • Your fire stick is now operational.

How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Won’t Turn On

Fix Wifi Connection

Restarting your phone can help reconnect it to Wi-Fi and clear up any problems. If your phone still won’t connect, it’s time to reboot. Go to “General Management” in the Settings app. Select “Reset” from the drop-down menu.

If your fire stick wont connect to wifi then it may happen due to bad power outage or attachments, setup and password failure.

  • Verify your modem or router is fully agreeable with fire stick
  • Your modem should be B<N and G with 2.4 GHz speed
  • Combine with your internet service provider or displace the modem
Wifi Connections
  • If the predicament remains same then use firestick network usage tool (go to setting then click on play/pause button)
  • The tool seems on the screen and tests for numerous modes. If any concerns found then it shows them on screen

Note: press and hold play/pause button for 10 seconds and restart it for resolving the error.

2. Fix HDMI Cable Issue

Make sure the HDMI connection setting on your device is enabled if you wish to connect it to the TV. Go to Settings > Display Entries > HDMI Connection to do so. Enable the HDMI connection if it isn’t already.

  • You need to compose sure your HDMI is connected fitly from both hands
  • Demand to seek another HDMi cable 
  • Control for resolution settings
HDMI Cable Issue
  • Refresh your firmware
  • The audio receiver device is HDR-compatible

3. Check Physical Connection

Amazon firestick won’t turn on with remote Due to little physical connection, you should look for an HDMI cable hub. If you find any error, fix it as soon as possible. Since low battery causes connection problems, if your remote is not getting enough power, you should have the battery replaced. Physical connection should be checked regularly.

Motherboard malfunction also breaks physical connections. It may be due to overheating so always discuss with official support to change it.

4. Remote Has Issues

Fire stick is not working suitably due to remote points. You need to check the remote battery if it’s damaged then replace it with a new one.

Remote control terminals must be cleaned. The remote control’s battery connector may be unclean. Remove the batteries and wipe the remote control terminals with a cotton swab or soft cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol, then replace the batteries. Replace the batteries with new ones.

Pair your fire stick
  • Pair your fire stick remote precisely otherwise its wont turn on
  • If buttons malfunction then replace it
  • Damage remote maybe not working fine 
  • Renew your fire stick software 

5. Firestick Sound Issues

When you are submitting audio issues while watching tv shows on fire stick then you need to look after on some features .

  • Control the television’s settings If something is not right, refer to the manual and make any necessary changes.
  • using faulty equipment
  • If your Internet connection isn’t working, try to find out what’s wrong.
  • Electricity is not working properly.
  • Update your application automatically
  • Check your external speakers to see if they work with the device. If you are unsure about the settings, select the default option.
  • It’s important to keep track of your resolutions because they can cause problems. You must reset the Dolby Digital output setting.
  • Verify that the HDMI ports are connected correctly.
  • If you have a home theater system, try plugging all the cords in one by one.

 6. Image Can Be Produce Issues

HDMI is the most significant part with a fire stick so when the device displays an image on the screen then try to replace or fix HDMI cables if firestick wont turn on tv . You should unplug your cables and wait for a few seconds then plug it back. Do this step again and again till the peculiar image appears.

Image Can Be

If cables are disabled then replace it or if it is working fine then try to plug into another HDMI port. For correct resolution, you should click on the up and down button on the fire tv remote at the same time and hold them for 10 seconds. Now you will get resolution 480 and 1080p and fix issues firestick won’t turn on no signal.

7. System Error Fix

Some serious quandaries come with the system also so you need to fix it by running repair tools. Here are some suggestions for you if Firestick No Signal Quick Fix:

  • Since most problems are caused by an internet connection, run a malware scan on your device.
  • You should scan like this and then leave it like that.
  • Many antivirus products have lightweight, on-demand scanners as part of their protection.
  • Many problems arise as a result of outdated software, which most system faults are unable to fix. As a result, you should focus on the most advanced version.
  • You can reinstall system files to get your system working again by default.
what do i do if my firestick won’t turn on

Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons at the same time, for about five seconds. From the main screen of your Fire TV, go to Settings. Then select a device.Alternatively, you can unplug the device’s power cord, wait 10 seconds, and then reconnect it.

Why does my fire stick not turn on?

Battery problems, obstacles that interfere with the remote’s signal, and interference from other gadgets are the most typical problems.

Why did my Firestick stop working?

When you get the pop-up notification, click on Reset. Give it a few minutes to complete. In the meantime, you should avoid unplugging the gadget during the entire process.


So amazon fire stick not turning on can effortlessly be fixed. So we believe all above clarifications are most desirable for you, if your problem fire stick won’t turn on when plugged in persists the same then you need to attach on customer support for more details. The team of well equipped will serve you always with a real acknowledgement.

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