Amazon Firestick Black Screen After Logo

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Amazon Firestick Black Screen After Logo

I was using the first generation of fire stick but I upgraded it to the latest version. Initially, everything was going well but one day when I was watching a movie suddenly the screen went black and nothing was coming. I turned the fire tv stick off and on again but nothing worked. Then I came to know that this is amazon fire stick black screen with logo.

I found various solutions regarding this which proved to be very effective for me. I will share them with you in this article, but before that, you will also have to know about the reasons for this.

If you are facing problems like fire tv stick black screen after logo then you have to restart Fire TV device. After this, use whatever connection equipment came with your device. Otherwise, disconnect the Fire TV device from the HDMI port and wait 60 seconds and replug it.

Why is Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo Comes?

First of all, let us know which such factors cause the problem with Amazon Fire Stick black screen:

  • When amazon firestick does not get a proper power supply i.e. it keeps fluctuating, then firestick software does not respond properly and a black screen problem starts to arise.
  • If there will be any problem related to signal in Amazon Fire Stick, then even then the chances of this type of problem increase.
  • It is very important to have a working HDMI cable properly otherwise you may have to face a lot of problems.
  • If we use low-quality internet connection then amazon fire stick does not get connectivity properly. The signal problem starts due to a lack of connectivity. The problem of the black screen appears to be increasing due to signal problems.
  • Any kind of damage to the motherboard of Amazon Firestick can also cause this problem.
  • The home screen of Amazon Fire Stick won’t load if there is a problem with its software. Firestick may show blackscreen problem due to home screen not loading. In this case, you will have to reboot your device.
  • Your device works on a special type of firmware. If this firmware is not updated in a timely manner then firestick will be unable to work with your TV. In such a situation, you will have to update the firmware, otherwise this type of problem will continue to appear.

How to Fix Fre TV Logo Then Black Screen

Let us know what are the solutions, with the help of which the problem like Amazon Fire Stick black screen after logo can be easily removed. After this, we will also be able to enjoy streaming services.

How to Fix Fre TV Logo Then Black Screen

Check TV’s Input Source

There is an input port between the Amazon Fire TV Stick and your TV. It works if you plug the Fire TV Stick into the correct input port. Otherwise, due to putting it in the wrong port, it creates various types of problems, which can include problems like Fire TV not turning on, no signal, and black screen.

In such a situation, if you have installed the Fire Stick in the HDMI input port one on the back of your TV, then in programming the TV, you will have to select only port 1 otherwise it will bring the problem of black screen in front of you.

Restart your Fire TV device

You must have often seen that it is often advised to reboot this device to remove any kind of deficiency in Amazon device. This is done because this method usually works.

If you also want to try it then you follow the set below:

  • When the firestick shows amazon logo then nothing appears, hold the select and play pause button for at least 5 seconds.
  • After that Amazon Fire Stick rebooting starts.
  • After reboot, you come that it establishes the connection and starts responding properly.

Use original extender cables

Generally, we use HDMI extender to use our firestick in an easy way. Due to this the distance between TV and firestick increases. Although it works smoothly if you use poor quality extender cables then it creates a problem.

In this case, replace your old extender cable and use an original cable. As soon as this original cable is attached to your device, then you will see that the problem like black screen in Firestick stops.

Check HDMI port 

If you do not know what hdmi ports work, then we tell you that they work to transfer audio or video signals by uncompressing video data or audio data. Because of this, your Amazon Fire Stick shows different types of things by connecting with the TV.

If there is a problem in this hdmi port or if it gets damaged from somewhere, then the problem of black screen can arise. That’s why you have to pay special attention to these hdmi ports. If the hdmi port is damaged, you can replace it and install a new one.

Use a High-Speed HDMI cable

Now you understand how hdmi ports work with fire stick but you also have to keep in mind that whenever you use hdmi ports then it is mandatory to connect high speed hdmi cables with the tv.

If there is no high definition HDMI cable then Fire Stick will not be able to receive the signal and your TV will keep getting firestick blank screen after amazon logo error.

That’s why you try to always attach original high speed hdmi cables with it.

Upgrade internet connection

Amazon Fire Stick works with internet connectivity. This internet connectivity is received by the router from the firestick.

In such a situation, you have to pay attention that this connectivity should be high speed because Fire Stick does not work on poor connectivity and it may not be able to receive the signal either.

You can upgrade your old plan and take a high speed plan, otherwise, you can increase its speed by talking to the internet service provider. Once the speed increases, the firestick works by connecting easily.

Try different HDMI port

HDMI ports play an important role in Fire Stick because if it gets damaged then the firestick will not work at all and will bring black screen problems.

There are many HDMI ports provided inside your TV, so if any port gets damaged then you can connect your firestick device by plugging it into another HDMI port. This is also an easy way to overcome this type of problem.

After this, that damaged port can be repaired with the help of a technician. Once the port is correct, you can connect again by putting the firestick in that HDMI port.

Check for overheating

On our weekends, we constantly enjoy the services of Amazon Fire Stick and use this device excessively.

When Amazon Fire Stick is running for a long time then this device starts overheating. You can even identify it by touching it.

Due to overheating, a slight malfunction occurs in its functioning and it puts the problem of black screen in front of you.

For this solution, you will have to wait for some time till the Fire Stick device cools down.

To avoid the firestick overheating problem, you can turn off your device for a while and you will find that this problem will be gone.

Check for amazon outage

Your Firestick device works on Amazon’s services. Whenever these services are upgraded, its servers are down for some time.

When the server is down, the Fire Stick is unable to receive any kind of connectivity. Due to lack of connectivity, firestick brings you the problem of black screen.

This server down happens for a short time. You can get this information from the Fire Stick support team or you can also wait for at least 1 to 2 hours.

After all the problem is fixed you will see that amazon firestick is working as before and is also providing all types of starting services.

Update your FireOS

Amazon firestick needs to be updated to function smoothly. For some reason, we forget to process this update, so your firestick does not work properly with the software of Divide TV.

To overcome this problem, you go to your settings and go to the out section, here you get the option to update firestick.

Once your device is updated, it is again compatible with the TV and starts providing streaming service.


In this way, now you know what measures we need to remove the problem like amazon fire stick black screen after logo.

All the above-mentioned remedies are in themselves a way to overcome this problem. If your problem is not getting fixed, then try these remedies once again.

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