A leading telecommunications service provider in the United States, T-Mobile offers its customers access to the latest technologies and facilities with simplicity. A robust WiFi connection and WiFi calling make it extremely popular. People may also make cheap phone calls and speak for hours with their relatives and friends by connecting to this service.

er081 error wifi calling t mobile is a network connection problem that might occur despite the presence of a very good signal.

What does mean er081 error wifi calling t mobile

Because your phone cannot connect to wifi calling, the wifi calling error er081 unable to connect shows on the screen. Accordingly, your network is reacting in a corrupted or sporadic manner, resulting in this error showing on your screen.

Reasons  for error code er081 on wifi calling

Now the problem is that what are the reasons for this because of which er081 error wifi calling t mobile always bothers you and also interrupts your service.

Turned off phone’s settings

This is generally due to the fact that the phone’s WiFi network search option has been disabled. This is followed by a checkup and activation process. Otherwise, your phone will never connect to a WiFi network.

WiFi network connection failed

This problem is generally caused by a lack of network selection in WiFi, and your WiFi calling is rendered useless. You also don’t have to double-check if the password used to secure your network has been entered correctly.

You will constantly be unhappy if you don’t do this, and the problem of calling will persist.

Using old software

The T-Mobile firm is always releasing new software that fixes the flaws in previous versions. Then you’ll constantly maintain your Tmobile or Android phone up to date, because you won’t be able to prevent wifi calling error er081 metropcs if you don’t.

Damaged SIM Card

Remove and re-insert your SIM card from t mobile repeatedly produces a major problem for your phone. Because this might cause harm to your SIM card, it is not recommended. However, the signal is not received correctly when you try to reinstall them.

There is a problem with the network service provider when you turn on WiFi calling because it cannot establish a connection.

How to fix wifi calling error er081 unable to connect

You may have to take different types of steps to remove wifi calling error er081 metropcs but before that we are telling you easy steps, due to which this problem can be removed.

error er081
  • You have to click on Enable WiFi Calling option in mobile
  • Always check your phone’s power cycle
  • Is your phone able to access the web or not
  • There may be a problem with your router, get it replaced and rectified.

Enable/disable Wi-Fi Calling

You get rid of this problem forever by enabling the WiFi calling option. This is also the easiest solution. Let’s know how

  • You have to go to settings from your t mobile phone
  • click on phone
  • Here the option of WiFi calling is available
  • Now to add WiFi calling option, for which you have to turn on the calling option
  • Now you can easily connect

Maintain your Power cycle

It takes a long time to use your phone, causing it to go through several power cycles, resulting in a decrease in battery life. Batteries in smartphones might be harmed by such reductions in battery life. It may shut off unexpectedly, preventing you from making calls. It will be necessary to sustain the power cycle..

Restart router and modem

If you want to resolve error of t-mobile , you should always take care of your router’s g power cycle whenever you have this problem. You may reboot your router by disconnecting it from power suite after 10 to 15 seconds. You may reconnect it and the problem will be resolved, and you will be able to connect to kati mobile via wifi calling with ease..

Reboot your T Mobile

Rebooting your phone is a fairly simple approach that will solve your wifi calling error er081 unable to connect issue in minutes. To do so, hold down the power button on your phone for a few seconds. By selecting Restart Now where it is offered, you reboot your computer.

Call for support

We are telling you the second best solution, even after which the problem of error code er081 on wifi calling is solved. For this, you can talk to t mobile customer support.

You can also call, chat, connect with whom you can also connect via email.

  • You can also report er081 problem for which login to your account today menu option appears
  • By clicking on the menu option you click on the Contact Now button
  • Where you type your inconvenience and send a mail to t mobile company, they also try to solve this problem as soon as possible.


As a result, we have attempted to offer you with some of the greatest and most straightforward options. You can easily repair the problem with the aid of these methods, however the problem persists. In this case, you can delete them via chat support.

This issue might potentially be caused by a lack of internet access, which you can resolve by contacting your internet service provider.

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