You are using Xfinity Remote but after trying for a long time the remote is not responding to voice commands at all as well as volume buttons are not working. In such a situation a message will appear in front of you that something is not right to try again later or else it will show you that xfinity voice commands not working on your device.

For this, you may have to talk to your customer service after which this feature goes away. Otherwise, you will get various information through this guide and also solve this problem.

If voice commands on the Xfinity remote not working problem then you need to use the factory reset option. If the problem is still not fixed after a factory reset, then you can fix it by replacing the battery power and repairing the voice remote.

Why Aren’t Voice Commands Working On Xfinity

We are telling you about the reasons for which the problem of voice command on Comcast Xfinity remote not working can happen.

Low power remote

Using the xfinity flex remote for a long time increases the problem of battery drain. After which different types of remote buttons do not work.

Low power remote

It doesn’t work on your device when you use voice control or even control your voice with a remote.

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Connectivity Issues

Internet connectivity and network connection are required for better performance.

If it is not received properly then xfinity will not be able to operate the voice command on the remote which is due to a network connection error.

xfinity flex voice control not working

In this case, you can restart and repair your Comcast xfinity flex remote

Bad configuration

Incorrectly configured xfinity remote tv box refuses to accept front voice commands. This type of problem is seen due to the incomplete and indirect setup.

voice command on xfinity not working

We can solve this problem by setting up xfinity, but keep in mind that you are configuring your remote according to the guidelines of Comcast Xfinity.

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How to Fix Xfinity Voice Command Not Working Issue

Let us now bring you a solution with the help of which the problem of xfinity voice command setup not working can be removed in minutes.

By the way, this problem is often seen due to various types of technical faults, pairing issues, low power and not getting the right updates, which we can easily solve.

Xfinity Voice Command Not Working

Check battery power

As we just mentioned above, if the battery is low then the remote does not respond with voice commands at all.

This problem is being seen due to the fault in the battery. For this, we can replace our old battery and install a new battery.

Otherwise, we can also check the battery level, for which steps have to be followed by seeing below:

  • You have to press the setup button with the help of your remote.
  • After this, the light of the remote is seen turning from red to green at the top of the LED.
  • Now price 999.
  • If the LED blinks then it tells you the battery level in front of which four green light blinks means the battery power is excellent.
  • Three green blinks indicate that the battery power is average.
  • If 2 blink then the battery power is low.
  • Otherwise, once it blinks red, it will tell you that the battery power is too low, you can replace it.

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Re-pair Voice Remote to TV Box

Re-pairing the xfinity flex remote resolves the voice control issues. But for this you have to reconfigure it only then it can work with your remote.

All you have to do is follow the steps given below, after which the xfinity voice command button not working problem will go away:

  • Press and hold the setup button.
  • All power buttons appear to turn from red to solid green.
  • After that press the Xfinity button once.
  • Now 3 digits appear on the TV screen in front of you.
  • Enter them your device gets repaired with a voice remote and TV box.

Factory reset Voice Remote

If the problem of voice command on xfinity remote not working is not resolved in the above way, then you will have to adopt some other methods.

Within which the factory reset option is considered the best. By doing this your Xfinity Remote is reconfigured and responds to voice commands with better performance.

Let us know how it is done:

  • Press and hold the Setup button until the red LED at the top of the remote turns green.
  • 9-8-1 is the number to dial.
  • To signal that the remote has been reset, the LED will blink green twice.
  • After a reset, the remote must be re-paired with the TV box.
  • Connect the remote to the DVR TV Box.
  • Will not pair with the RNG-150 TV Box because it is not supported.
  • Complete the sentence while holding down the Voice button.

Restores the Xfinity box

Sometimes we need to restore the xinity box as well as it also becomes unable to function with your remote.

That’s why you give voice commands with the help of a remote but this box does not accept it.

For this, you have to restore the Xfinity box, after which the problem of xfinity flex voice control not working can be easily resolved.

To do this you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Hold down the Xfinity box’s reset button for 5-10 seconds.
  • The My Xfinity Account app can also be used to reset the Xfinity chart.
  • If you use the app to restart, you must always do a long reboot.

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Activate Voice Guidance

Sometimes Xfinity Voice cannot be activated in a hurry, for this, you will have to check the option to enable and disable it.

If it’s disabled then it doesn’t take your voice commands.

To check it, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Make sure your TV’s volume is turned up.
  • To enter the Accessibility Settings menu, press and hold the voice control button on your Voice Remote and speak “accessibility.”
  • You can also use your X1 remote control by pressing the B key twice.
  • To switch Voice Guidance on or off, follow the spoken/on-screen instructions.
  • When Voice Guidance is turned on, it will read out the text currently displayed on the screen as well as navigation instructions.

Check Physical Damage

In daily life, we keep our Xfinity remote away from here and there. In the midst of such maintenance, your remote gets slightly physically damaged, after which some buttons and voice commands also do not work.

So, you should pay special attention to its maintenance. If it’s damaged then you can get it repaired. Otherwise, you can get it repaired or even get a new remote.


It’s difficult to use Xfinity’s services without a remote. As a result, when the remote stops working with voice command, consumers are unable to watch their favorite Xfinity episodes. To resolve this issue, you can use the solutions listed above. All these options are effective and easy to implement. So, use them now to solve the comcast xfinity voice command not working issue.

How do I get my Xfinity Voice Command to work?

Make sure your TV’s volume is cranked up.
To reach the Accessibility settings menu, press and hold the Voice Control button on your voice remote and speak “Accessibility.”
To switch Voice Guidance on or off, follow the spoken/on-screen instructions.

Why isn’t my voice control working on my comcast remote?

You may need to conduct a factory reset if the buttons on your Voice Remote (model XR11) are still unresponsive.

How do I activate voice control on my Xfinity remote?

Select Remote Settings from the drop-down option. Say “remote setting” while holding down the sound (microphone) button. There is an option to select “Voice Remote Pairing”. To choose your TV and audio device, follow the instructions on the TV.

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