Comcast or Xfinity is given with the finest cable box with which you’ll be able to effectively appreciate different programs, motion pictures, and administrations. All these things work on the rule of video-on-demand playback. When we utilize its box as it were, at that point Comcast On-Demand Error CL-17 shows up on your screen due to which we see administrations being hindered. This issue ordinarily happens in a terrible climate.

What Does Comcast Error Code CL-17 Mean

Xfinity error code cl-17 essentially implies that when your cable box and web are not consistent with you at that point you get a web network issue due to which it comes on screen.

After its arrival, the Xfinity on Demand system does not communicate with the cable box at all and cannot even establish a network connection.

Reasons for Comcast Error Code CL-17

Comcast only gives you boss in a proper way but for some reason, it shows you comcast error code cl-17 that we are discussing below

  • The climate of your range changes due to a few reasons, due to which overwhelming clean, rain and other things begin happening. The cable box is unable to properly catch the on-demand signal
  • We utilize Comcast administrations which are advertised to you on a month-to-month membership bundle. On the off chance that we don’t make the installment of this bundle on time at that point, Billing Support will halt your services
  • Using an awful router can incredibly contribute to Xfinity web detachment so continuously utilize a switch from a great company
  • Your web administrations are working legitimately but only a technical fault comes in the box
  • All routers are connected to each other with internet connectivity and cable boxes with the same type of connectors and wires.
  • The comcast cable box works on a type of upstream signal that is given to you from the official server. If there is some movement in this server also then this problem increases.
  • Have you taken note of whether your TV and cable box are legitimately joined to each other? Indeed within the nonattendance of this, this problem manifests itself before you by taking a really enormous issue.
  • You moreover have to be made beyond any doubt that the control connector you’re utilizing to control the Comcast cable box isn’t protruding or broken.
  • There are also small children in our homes who tamper with the cable box for sports or fun. At whatever point you get this blunder at that point you must effectively check your cable box

How to Fix Comcast Error CL-17

Let us know about comcast help error cl-17, what is the reason for it. Now we also tell you about its various solutions so that you can avoid problems.

Comcast On-Demand Error CL-17 shows no connectivity between our On Demand system and your cable box. To resolve this issue, you may need to restart your TV Box otherwise you can connect to Xfinity support.

By the way, if you take care of the above-mentioned reasons, then only this problem will go away for you.

comcast error cl-17

Check for Xfinity on Demand

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to remove your Xfinity on Demand problem, for this, you have to follow some steps given below.

  • To use the On-Demand option you have to go to your Andaman Main Menu with the help of the Remote Controller
  • Select any program you want to watch by pressing OK and that service starts on your screen

System Refresh always works

If the above solution does not work for you, then you have to completely refresh your cable box system. By doing this the comcast on demand error code cl-17 is over and you can take advantage of your streaming services.

  • First, you have to visit the help section
  • From there you have to find the setting option
  • Where you see the title System Refresh, press OK
  • As soon as you make a system request it interrupts all your services but after 5 to 10 minutes all types of services are restarted because this process is completed like this

Restart immediately with Power Button

This problem of yours is also easily resolved by resetting it with the power button because the power button is given because it is given.

Whenever you get an on-demand network error then you use this button which is also considered a secure method in itself

  • To use the power button, you have to find this button in the cable box which is given on the backside.
  • Once the power button is found, you can press and hold it, which is to be done for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • After this process is completely completed, your TV box starts automatically.
  • Your service is restarted after the restart process is complete

Cross-check power outlets

You also have to keep in mind that the outlet from which the cable box or TV is getting power should be conscious of a constant amount.

In case this does not happen at that point TV and cable bosses are not able to set up a relationship with each other. You’ll be able to utilize a multimeter to check the control, otherwise, you can too check by changing the coordinate wire. You know this estimation works well for you.

use only the correct HDMI ports

If you’re still having trouble, you’ll also need to check that your device is properly connected with HDMI cables.

For this, you’re given distinctive sorts of ports which are in both tv and cable box. You have connected your video device cable to HDMI port 1, and then you need to select the HDMI1 input source only using your remote.  In HDMI 2 you’ll see your cable box framework administrations at that point they will not show up.

The new modem can solve issues

When comcast error cl-17 comes, you have to check if there is any defect in the modem, if this happens then you have to follow the steps given below

  • First, remove all Ethernet cables and power from the device
  • Now you have to wait for three to 4 minutes so that the power of your modem is completely turned off
  • You need to reconnect the power and cables to the model
  • Now have to wait for the internet light to go solid blank
  • As soon as the internet starts working properly then you come that this problem goes away

Change your broken conductor

Everyone knows that in order to connect the wires with each other, we need conductors, with the help of which the signals flow from one place to another in effect.

If there is any problem with these signals, then it comes only because of the broken conductor.

You have to keep in mind that whenever this happens, you can easily replace it and put a new one. After you have installed the new one, you check that the signals are flowing properly.


You must have understood that you get comcast box error cl-17 only because of the on-demand video single.

In such a circumstance, you’ll be able to call customer support who tries their best to help you. In the event that due to any reason you’re not able to contact them at that point, you’ve got to conversation through e-mail or chat area where the specialized group will unquestionably assist you.

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