Why Is My Centurylink Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

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Centurylink users today are using either a tower modem or a C4000 to help them perform their Internet-specific tasks. You can easily access the services only when you sign up with it as it is offered to you with a special subscription plan. Sometimes different types of problems occur in which usually the problem of the CenturyLink internet button blinking red and green is seen. These types of problems can happen for any number of reasons as sometimes the problem has nothing to do with your router.

The router tries to configure the network on its own, but it fails to connect properly and displays the error. The difficulty of a Centurylink router blinking blue surrounds you in such a case. As a result, you may notice that additional lights in the router, such as red and green lights, begin to blink, posing a major concern. We will explain how to prevent this situation from becoming so serious right here on this blog.

Your Centurylink router is built to provide internet. When this Internet is automatically detecting the configuration, the Internet light turns red and green. This blinking only happens for a few seconds.

When red and green light blinking continues on the Centurylink router for more than 1 minute then you need to take technical support to fix the internet-related issue for which you can contact technical support.

Causes For Red and Green Flashing Light Centurylink

Now we know why my centurylink internet light flashing red and green.

Loosen cable connection

Centurylink Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

When various types of internet cables begin to fail, this type of problem may appear to become more prevalent.

Because these cables are delicate, they become loose if there is any interference, which exacerbates the problem of internet access.

Cables completely damaged

The next main reason could also be that the cables that are attached to your Centurylink modem are damaged or broken at some point due to which this modem c3000z does not respond properly.

In such a situation, you need to check all these cables properly. The easiest way to find these broken cables is to go through all the cables step by step.

Power interruption

Power interruption1

The question that comes to your mind, again and again, is why is my Centurylink Internet light blinking red and green. In such a situation, you must take information about the power interruption because due to lack of proper power, the connectivity of the router is also interrupted.

If your power connectors are damaged or damaged, be sure to replace them with new ones.

Due to spillers not working

Splitters are mostly used to extend WiFi, TV, phone, and other device connections. When it is used beyond its capacity, it begins to fail, and the problem of the internet light blinking red and green become more prevalent.

Overheating creates problems

The problem of overheating is seen in all the devices. Therefore, you also have to pay attention to the fact that the router lasts for a long time.

For example, if you are going out of the house or going on a long vacation, then you can turn off the power of your router so that it will avoid the problem of overheating.

Software and hardware issues

You must have deduced from the preceding explanations that these factors are also highly important.

my centurylink modem internet light blinking red and green

The problem with the internet light blinking red and green will not linger long because you are aware of the causes. Modems and routers can also become malfunctioning as a result of software or hardware issues.

After that, it is not able to work properly and whenever it tries to configure it from your internet then you will definitely get this type of error.

When routers don’t update

You need to update Centurylink router from time to time because without updating any router is not able to work properly and after that its efficiency decreases drastically.

Whenever you get the problem of internet light blinking red and green, then you must also pay special attention to the updating.

How to Fix Centurylink Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

Now we are telling you some such methods due to which the problem of centurylink router blinking red and green goes away.

Reboot your Centurylink router

Reboot your Centurylink router

Your Centurylink router has been suffering from various problems and is also blinking red/green light. In such a situation, rebooting is considered the best process, after which this problem goes away.

You have to understand it well to reboot.

  • Disconnect the power source to the Centurylink router.
  • Now, wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • After this plug in the router again to the power source.
  • Now the router goes into the reboot process.
  • Wait again for some time.
  • Now your router tries to establish a network connection.
  • Once you get the connection, you can use the internet easily.

Disconnect and reconnect

The Centurylink modem can be disconnected and reconnected. By doing so, your router eliminates the initial issue, and the problem of red or green light blinking looks to be remedied as well. It is also considered the easiest and safest way.

Disconnect other devices

You can also use a trick like trying to remove different types of devices connected to your router one by one. If this method works then your problem of this type is resolved.

This problem can also be found due to the load in your gateway, so we are suggesting this type of disconnection.

Check for service outage

Any type of problem can happen in your area whether it is weather-related or other types. In such a situation, there is a slight change in internet connectivity.

Red and Green Flashing Light Centurylink

Have to wait for some time when centurylink blinking red and green is found. If Internet connectivity is not regained, you can visit the Centurylink service troubleshooter or outage information page. There all the information is delivered to you in a systematic way.

Check your plans

Recently, improvements have been made to the current plan, and a good plan has been adopted in order to improve internet access. However, you must ensure that the plan you have upgraded is active.

If it is not activated then you will face the problem of blinking red and green lights. You just have to wait for some time or talk to the technical team to solve this problem.

Check cables and connections

As we mentioned above the internet light blinking red and green can be caused due to changes in cable connection, damage, or dust.

In such a situation, there are some methods which you must pay attention to.

  • You can remove these types of cables from your router and replug them to see if there is any improvement in internet connectivity.
  • Otherwise, any damaged cables can be replaced and installed new.
  • Sometimes the cables get loose. In this case, you may also need to tighten them.


We have tried to tell you in different ways above why my internet light blinks red and green and what can be the solution. If this issue still persists, then you can visit Centurylink Support and get better tips about it.

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