Uverse bill pay phone number is best way to get in touch with att&t staff. it is one of the largest telephones and related service providers in the world and especially in U.S.A. . At the same time avoid late payment charges along with maintain a good credit history. AT&T  Bill Pay Online Phone Number is also available for you.

As AT&T is one of the leading wireless service providers. The number of its users has also gradually increased with the increase in number of internet users . There are various ways by which a user of AT&T can make payments. Pay AT&T Bill online may come for different services and a user can receive bills through different modes. But the procedure of making payments of an AT&T Bill would remain the same in most of the cases. We have different ways to prove it:

AT&T Bill Pay through App:

  • Download My AT&T App on your smart phone , you may skip this step if you already have this application available with you.
  • Open the application on your phone or device.
  • Sign in using your user id or customer id or telephone number and set a new username and password for future usage.
  • After login into account tap the option of making payments or bill payments or ATT Bill Pay provided in the app.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay; you can choose to pay either a partial amount of the total payment due or you can pay the entire amount due.
  • Choose and select the desired mode of payment such as ATT bill pay through ATM card, ATT bill pay through Credit Card.
  • After selecting your desired payment option enter the details which are automatically asked to enter by the application. After filling in the required details and PIN, etc. if required, Tap on make payment option.
  • The amount or the ATT bill pay being successfully done message or prompt will appear on the screen along with the amount of which payment has made.
  • You can check and verify the payment done by going to your My account option. The payment amount or the amount due would no longer remain the same as the amount of which payment has done.

How to ATT&T Uverse Pay Bill Online Best Guide website:

  • Open the AT&T website on the browser of your phone / laptop / computer or any other device which you want to use.
  • Opening the website, log in into your account using your user id and password / passcode. It may ask for a secretcode, please enter the one available with you or if you have forgot try resetting
  • Need to clicking on forgot password option available as per your own convenience.
  • When you have successfully logged in your account go to the option of my account details, you can view your pending or due bill there.
  • Select the pay your bill option available on the page and proceed further.
  • Enter the amount manually of how much you want to pay, you can make a partial or a full payment as per your own choice and convenience. You may also choose to enter the date so as to make the payment after the due date in accordance to the availability of funds in your account.
  • Entering the amount, you can select the mode of payment through which you want to pay.
  • Once you have entered the payment mode and required details select the option of make payment and your ATT bill pay is complete.
  • You can wait and check the status of your account updated after some time as the amount if paid partially would deduct from the total amount due.

Without Signing In:

To make a quick payment of your ATT Bill Pay you can choose this option.

  • Users are just required to enter their account number.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Select the payment method. ATT Bill Pay can come either using an ATM Card or Debit Card .
  • Once you have entered the payment mode and required details select the option of make payment and your ATT bill pay is complete.
  • The amount of which payment has done would mention on the screen along with the message of Payment successful .
  • You can check your balance or amount due by calling customer care to verify that payment has been done or not.

AT&T Phone Number To Pay Bill

  • It is the most convenient method of making payments on time and avoiding hassles as well as ensuring uninterrupted service. You can enroll for Auto Pay by using your Checking or Savings account or also by using your Debit or Credit Card.
  • By enrolling for Auto Pay the user can select the date on which he or she wants to make the payment of their monthly ATT Bill Pay amount due. .
  • Open AT&T in app or website and go to Profile, Under the section of Popular tasks Select ‘Update Stored Payment Methods’.
  • Go to the Auto Pay section and Select ‘Sign Up for Auto Pay’.
  • Users having multiple accounts can select the account on which they want to enroll for Autopay.
  • Select the payment method .
  • Complete and enter all the necessary details with Date, etc. and select on ‘Continue’.
  • Check the enrolment details and information entered by you and later click on ‘Submit’.
  • Using prepaid services of AT&T can also use this service by enrolling for AutoPay .

By Phone Call:

  • You can call the automated system being provided to make payments.
  • AT&T users can make a on 800.331.0500 or 800.288.2020 to make ATT Bill pay over phone.
  • Follow the directions being given on the call.
  • Select the payment method and complete the procedure. Payments can be made through various cards and using your phone banking facility too.
  • Payments made through pone calls are free but if the services of a customer care representative are required .

Pay My AT&T Bill Through Text 1 Method:

  • Enter PAY and send it to 729.
  • After receiving the prompt Select 1 to pay through bank account or 2 to pay through Debit / Credit card.
  • Enter the details as asked by the prompt and make payment.
  • Making payment you will receive a confirmation number.
  • This is a free service for making payments.

Text 2 Method:

  • In this payment method the user receives a text message on his / her mobile six days in advance to the due date. The message has all the details such as the bill period, total amount due, etc.
  • Reply to the message by sending *Pay to *729
  • Select 1 to pay through bank account or 2 to pay through Debit / Credit card.
  • Enter the details as asked by the prompt and make payment.
  • This service is free for AT&T users.

ATT Uverse Pay Bill in Person at Station:

  • Find out a AT&T Pay Station location.
  • Use the app for using store locator facility.
  • Make your payment in Cash or using your Debit/Credit / ATM Card at various available AT&T Pay locations.

ATT Uverse Bill Pay at an Authorized Payment Location:

  • Users can make payments ether in Cash or through check at various authorized payment locations of AT&T.
  • Payments can be made through money orders, advance payments can also be one, deposits are also accepted.
  • Users of AT&T must remember to carry a valid ID .
  • The timings of payment locations may vary in accordance to the business at particular location.

AT&T Uverse Bill Pay through your Bank or Financial Institution:

  • Users can make payments using various options provided by financial institutions.
  • Go to Pay bills option on your banks or institutions website and select AT&T.
  • Provide the required AT&T account details and make payment by paying directly from your bank.

AT&T Billing Phone Number Through Mail:

  • Users can make ATT Bill Pay through mail as well.
  • Send your cheque to the nearest AT&T location as mentioned on your bill.
  • Write the account number associated with AT&T.
  • Ensure that the Book come by you and the amount entered is clearly visible so as to avoid late payment charges .

Things to remember while making AT&T Uverse Bill Pay through various available options:

  • AT&T services can save various payment options as well as various payment methods in their profile for payments to be made in future .
  • Combine their separate accounts if they want to do so .
  • Users can cancel payments if they have chosen to do so before the due date.
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