What is amazon prime error code 5004 roku? Then you need to check it here. The Amazon Fire Stick is a kind of device, which comes with smart features. It helps in making your things according to you. It is considered very popular among users. In today’s time, but there are many applications related to it in the market, such as Roku TV, Apple TV, Hulu TV but Amazon Fire Stick is something else. When we use Amazon Prime Video, then we face some such problems. So our video does not work. And you may have to face a lot of problems.

Like error code 5004 amazon prime this kind of problem can come on your application. It is considered more difficult to find and fix it, as we all know. Amazon Prime Video is bringing a lot of such serials nowadays, which are very much liked by the people. Amazon Prime Video has a lot of series, TV shows, movies, which are made on-demand. But some technical error is also inevitable.

What Is Amazon Prime Error Code 5004?

Error code 5004 prime video has a similar problem. Which we can overcome through such steps by the technical team 5004 comes only. When we attend the sign request or put any information wrong. You have to register your device again only then this error is removed.

Amazon Prime Error Code 5004

This error of Amazon Prime Video suddenly appears on your screen. We are telling you some such steps. By doing this, you can overcome this problem. This is the way. It is quite easy. Let’s watch it. This way

  • You have to go to Amazon’s website
  • After that, you have to click on the sign-in button
  • As soon as you click on the sign-in button.
  • You will see an option where it will be written Manage Your Content and Device
  • Now you have to give a request for Shining
  • Select your device, after this you click on the action button, after doing this, you will see a button, click on the deregister there
  • Wait for some time, and then log in to your Prime Video account.
  • Your device will start appearing there, you register that device and this process also starts automatically.

What Are The Causes Of The Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004?

Before telling you some solution, we want to tell you about some of its problems. Because of which amazon prime error code 5004 ps4 comes on your screen. There are some common problems. Which are you like?

Your internet connection is not working properly. Because of this, it starts coming on your screen. When you use VPN proxy then it can disturb you if you come on your screen.

  • If you are using a firewall. On your computer or on your device
  • Cookies and cache data in your device. They are spoiled. It can come even if.
  • When your Amazon Prime Video application is not updated.
  • If there is any problem with the official server of Amazon Prime. Even if it starts coming.
  • When you use any old application. On Amazon Prime which is not updated. Even then it can give you a lot of trouble.

How Do I Fix My Error Code 5004

Now we will tell you some ways by which you can remove the amazon error code 5004 of your Amazon Prime device. There are some problems as you mentioned above. Because of which it starts coming on your device. So we will adjust you to troubleshoot the above problems otherwise you can use some of the methods given below and get rid of your problems easily.

#1. Check internet connection

When you use Amazon Prime Video then internet connection plays an important role. If the internet connection is not good then you will see this problem again and again on your screen.

If your internet connection keeps on coming again or working slowly then it creates a blockage in away. To make your video accessible to you, therefore, you need your internet connection

Accessibility has to be looked at once if it is bad. So you can talk to your service provider which can give you good speed with a better plan.

Now we tell you about some such methods with the help of which you can check your internet connectivity. And can see it how much are you getting?

  • You have to go to your computer settings
  • After this, click on the connection button
  • As soon as you do this. You will see an option of wifi
  • You will click on it and you will see that there is wifi. He is getting Or not getting
  • If you are not getting a connection. So you can start and stop your wifi.
  • Or further, talk to your Internet service provider and tell him your problem. And we can solve it.

#2. Is Your Account Activated or Not

You will not check that your Amazon Prime account is working or is lying closed. When your account is locked. So because of this problem, you can watch the amazon video error code 5004. Let’s talk about some methods on your screen. With the help of this, you can activate your account.

  • You must open any browser
  • After this, you have to go to the official website of Amazon Prime
  • As soon as you click on your account.
  • Then you see an error. That your account is active Or deactivate
  • To activate your account, you should see the quantity o on the screen.
  • And step by step keep increasing your details
  • As soon as you fill in all your details. Amazon Prime starts checking your things.
  • And after some time you get a message on your email id and on the phone. That your account has been activated. Now you can use our service.

#3. Delete And Reinstall App

When you watch the error code 5004 prime video then the rest of your devices stops working. You have to check that which your prime is. Is outdated or installed with the latest version. If it is outdated, you will have to look at your device and reinstall the application to remove this problem.

Let us know some ways with the help of which you can do this.

  • You have to delete the application of Amazon Prime Video in your device
  • After that, you will download this app again
  • And all your information will be filled again as you continue to give information
  • After this, your problem will go away and will not show up on your system again.

#4. Disable Proxy, Vpn, Antivirus Settings

This problem of amazon prime video error code 5004 on apple tv starts appearing on your system because you are using a proxy or using a VPN service.

There is a firewall on your device. Because of which you are having this problem repeatedly or you are using an antivirus program that does not work properly with your device and gives you this kind of problem.

Because of the VPN, your device is not able to see your location properly. And you start showing this problem. You will have to disable all the proxies and close VPN and use an antivirus good company.

  • Some methods to check the proxy settings are as follows.
  • You need to go to your browser
  • After going to the browser, click Settings
  • Settings will be open to you
  • After that, you will click on Roxy Settings
  • As soon as you do this. You find a way there. Where it is written disable all proxy as you do. Your error code 5004 on amazon prime video problem goes away.

#5. Delete Cache & Cookies Of Browser

You have to delete all the cache memory and cookies of your browser. This solution is for your prime video on PC.

What happens after some time, some data corruption starts happening on your browser. Because of which when you load any website there. She does not work properly. To overcome this problem, you clean all your cache data and your problem will be solved easily, we suggest some such methods. As given below. You can remove your amazon prime error code 5004 ps4 by using them.

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • After that, you have to go to history
  • There you will see an option
  • Where clear data will be written
  • You can also do this by CTRL + H.
  • After 10 to 15 seconds, all your problems will be fixed and you will not face any problem.

#6.  Other Solution

You will see that by using all the options given above, your problem is easily overcome. So we tell you some such method which is far from all these. You can see all your videos. You can give all your TV thinking. Downloading us on your PC is quite a good way to get rid of this kind of trouble.

Let’s know. How to do it

  • First, you will go to your internet connection, you will need 4G
  • After this, whatever TV shows or web series you want to download. Search for his title on Prime Video
  • From there you will see it as soon as you see it. You click there; you will start getting the details of videos.
  • After this, you will see a download option on the side and you can download it by clicking there.
  • Your video is after 5-6 seconds. It starts downloading. You can see it.


We hope so That you have liked all the options given above, with the help of which you will have been able to overcome your problem, your amazon prime video error code 5004 is nothing more but an Internet connectivity issue that you see while using the application. The Prime Video app is a great entertainment tool with the help of which you spend your time. Anything else you get. What you don’t want we apologize for this. You can report it. You can also report such a problem by going to Amazon firestick Customer Service or through chat.

By using these small and easy methods, you can solve your problem yourself if you do not know technical things and do not understand. You can then inform Amazon about this by visiting the official website or through the application. Official agents are very trendy. Always upfront to help you in your work.

If you want to give any suggestion related to if error code 5004 amazon prime video. So you can tell us in the comment section. Through which we will know what else you are facing. We will try hard to overcome that too.

Why is Amazon Prime video not working?

Prime not working due to poor internet connection.

How do I fix my Amazon Prime video quality?

You need to increase bandwidth of your internet speed.

how do i fix my amazon prime video error code 5004?

Its not working due to old application so you need to update it.

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