Amazon Fire Stick Not Loading Home – [10 Ways To Fix It]

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Today when I am using my device then suddenly got errors like amazon fire stick not loading home then I feel trouble. This kind of issue happens with fire tv but it’s not big. You should follow some initial steps which can resolve amazon firestick home is unavailable.

Here are some steps :

Fire stick won’t load home screen then restart the device. For which, Press Select and Play on the remote for 10 seconds. Next, update your Fire Stick and its apps. For which choose Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates.

Why Won’t My Firestick Load Home Screen

Due to black screen

If your Fire Stick isn’t receiving the correct input signal, you’ll usually run into black screen issues where the firestick won’t load.

Apps aren’t loading correctly

We install some such application in our Fire Stick device due to which it does not respond properly. The real reason for this happening is also that those apps are not compatible with the firestick device because this application is not able to load properly on the fire stick device and causes the problem.

Due to Out-of-date software

Everyone knows that by using outdated software, it does not work properly with new methods. That’s why when we use latest internet connection, latest application and other latest HDMI cable with firestick then due to outdated software it does not progress with them and shows you Amazon fire stick home screen not loading problem.

Problems with internet access

Any disruption in internet access can exacerbate this issue, as the Fire Stick relies on it to provide its finest functions. We recommend that you use a fast internet connection.

The insufficient power supply is being used

It’s critical to have the power supply perfect for your Fire TV Stick gadget to work. The firestick home will not load properly if the power source is not provided properly. This is frequently caused by a defect in the equipment that provides the power supply, so you should inspect it.

HDMI input is incorrect

People are frequently unaware of the importance of testing different types of devices, resulting in HDMI cable ports being plugged into the incorrect inputs.

As a result, the problem continues to grow. It’s critical to connect these HDMI cables or ports to the correct input source whenever you utilize them.

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Not Loading Home

Let us now know how the problem of Amazon fire stick home screen not loading can be easily resolved.

Usually as we mentioned that this problem usually occurs due to black screen, firestick won’t turn on, application note loading, remote damaged and using outdated software.

Fire Stick Not Loading Home
Fire Stick Not Loading Home

Check the HDMI input on your television

If you are getting this problem then it may be that you have not installed the HDMI input properly due to which this problem has increased.

All you have to do is use the instruction guidance to figure out which HDMI input port to use, and then you can correctly install them.

For example, if your Fire TV Stick is of the 4K version, then you will plug it into the TV’s HDMI HDCP 2.2 port.

Restart Your FireTV

This is a simple procedure that can easily fix the problem of fire tv home screen not loading for which you just need to restart your device.

We are telling you the complete steps below for fire tv won’t load.

  • You have to press and hold the select and play pause button for at least 10 seconds which should happen at the same time. Doing so restarts your device.
  • Otherwise, you can complete this process by going to the settings of your device, for which go to the setting option, select the My Fire TV option from here, after which you see the restart button.
  • Otherwise you can also use the third option, for which disconnect your power cord from the power outlet and plug it again after 60 seconds.

Your problem will be solved in minutes with the help of this approach because it was the simplest way to solve it.

Try plugging in/out the device

Your fire stick won’t load home screen problem could not be fixed with the help of the above solutions. Then we are telling you that plugging in and plugging out your device also solves this problem.

For this you have to follow the steps given below:

  • First unplug the Fire Stick from the HDMI port.
  • After which all USB cables have to be removed.
  • Now it’s time to turn off the Fire TV by unplugging it from the power outlet.
  • Wait 5 to 7 minutes here.
  • Now re-plug all the things that you removed.
  • Some initial process will appear in front of you, which you keep on completing step by step.

Repair any damaged cables

There are many types of cords that come with your Firestick, and it is critical to maintain them properly because they might become damaged or loose over time.

You can do this by checking all of these cables one by one. Any cables that have been damaged can be replaced with new ones.

Your internet connection should be tested

As previously stated, the Fire Stick is dependent on internet access. If it is not identified properly, the problem of your home not loading will persist, and you will need to test several types of internet connections, which we will describe below.

  • All this information depends on your internet connection modem. If this modem is damaged from somewhere then it will start doing different types of light billing which shows the status of internet connection.
  • If a green light is displayed on the router, then it indicates that the Internet connection is active and at the same time it also indicates that your Internet connection is too strong.
  • The router shows a green light or an orange light, then the modem is in the firmware update process, after which your Internet connection will be restored.
  • When the red light blinks, you understand that the modern has overheated which will not display the service and connection in front of you and after that you will not get internet connectivity.

We’ve gone over the various sorts of router blinking indicators; if any light continues to blink, you may contact your router support, who will be able to assist you.

Update your Fire Stick Timely

To do this, you can definitely follow the steps given below:

  • All you have to do is go to Settings.
  • Select MY FIRETV TV option from here.
  • After that click on about option.
  • Check for Updates option will appear in front of you.
  • From here you can install different types of updates.

Always Clear the Fire Stick cache

While streaming, the Amazon Fire Stick stores a variety of temporary files and data, causing the Fire Stick’s storage to fill up quickly.

It is given to you along with a limited storage. When this happens then firestick won’t load problem comes. To avoid this problem, follow the steps given below.

  • You have to press the Home button, after which you will directly reach the menu screen of Amazon Fire TV.
  • From here, go to the Settings option and click on the Application Managed option.
  • After this, listen to the Manage and Install Applications option.
  • Clear the application whose cache memory you want to delete by selecting them step by step.
  • From here your problem will start disappearing within minutes.

Reset the Fire Stick to its default settings

As we mentioned above, rebooting the Fire Stick would have solved this problem easily. Similarly, the problem of firestick home screen not showing can also be resolved by using the factory reset option.

  • You can choose the option below
  • You have to go to the settings of Fire Stick.
  • Here select the menu option.
  • In the dropdown, you get the Reset to Factory Defaults option.
  • You can complete this process by clicking on it.

Attempt a proper firestick setup

You have to note that the above steps can easily solve your problem. What if you did not setup Fire TV Stick properly, then the above mentioned methods will also not prove to be effective for you and the problem of firestick not loading will remain as it is.

For this, you must follow the steps given below

  • You have to insert firetv into the HD port of your TV.
  • After which the power adapter has to be plugged into the outlet.
  • Now use the USB cable that establishes the connection between the power adapter and your Fire TV.
  • Insert the battery into your remote, and then turn on the TV and select the correct HDMI input option.
  • Now it’s time to pair the remote.
  • You will see some onscreen instructions, after which you can connect to your WiFi.
  • After connecting, login to your Amazon account.
  • Again, questions will come in front of you onscreen, which you have to answer correctly.
  • Once this process is completed, your setup is properly installed

Is Any App Crashes

  • catch the program
  • reboot your device
  • App Up App Crash Fixer to its previous version up to
  • Verify with state app service
Why is my home screen unavailable on my Firestick?

Press and hold the Play/Pause button for some time. After this, you find that amazon firestick home page does not loading problem has disappeared. Now you can enjoy your favorite streaming channels

Why is my fire stick not responding?

Sometimes there is some problem in our device which includes frozen, black screen and wifi, due to which this problem increases a lot. Keep firestick selected in default mode to get some solution

Why is my Amazon Fire Stick stuck on the loading screen?

Restart your device or check your device connection if your Fire Stick is stuck on the loading screen. Next, ensure that the Fire TV has enough power.

How do you get to the Home screen on Amazon Fire Stick?

You need to reset the device to default to fix the problem. otherwise, connect on firestick team where all the possibilities also explain for this issue.


These simple steps can solve your problem very quickly like home is currently unavailable firestick. Resume your own equipment by following the instructions above. If the remedy for the situation is not beneficial, then reset the Amazon television stick.

Additionally, your web connection may be at fault. Thus, make sure that everything is fine with your network.

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